Everything you need to Know About Southwest Airlines Senior Discount


Jun 2, 2021

Getting a discount while traveling to your preferred destination via air is a wish of every traveler and everyone wants it. There are plenty of discounts provided by the airlines to the passengers and senior discount is one among those which is specially prepared for the passengers with an age of 65 or older. Most of the airlines proffer such kind of discounts and Southwest Airlines is one among those. Southwest provides a senior discount that one can get whenever flying to their preferred destination whether it’s domestic or international.

What is the Senior Discount at Southwest Airlines?

  • Senior discount on Southwest is a discounted Anytime Fares for travelers with an age of 65 or above.

  • On the senior discount, most of the time you can get a reliable discount for a refundable fare that means a senior traveler can get a fully refundable ticket at the price of Anytime fare.

  • A senior discount can be obtained for every route’s flights for both domestic and international destinations. But not applicable for the vacation packages as it depends on the availability of senior discount tickets.

  • Senior discount will only apply to the traveling party whose age is 65 or above and you will have to pay full price even if you are traveling with a senior citizen.

How Do I Get a Senior Discount on Southwest Airlines?

Would you like to get a senior discount for someone on Southwest Airlines for your preferred destination? Then you can very simply do that as there are plenty of simple options that you can use to book a ticket with a senior discount. You can also follow the below steps to get a senior discount at Southwest Airlines:

  • Reservations for Southwest Airlines senior discount is available for both domestic and international routes.

  • You can make reservations online to your preferred destination at southwest.com after entering the details and then you can enter the senior discount code during the payment process.

  • You can also contact a representative at Southwest Airlines for getting a senior discount on your preferred route.

You will be able to know what is the senior discount at Southwest Airlines after following the above-described instructions in a very simple manner. But if you still not able to understand about the senior discount, then you should contact the customer service team at Southwest Airlines where you can get the relevant assistance.



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