5 Best Habits to Take You to the Path of Success in the UPSC Exam

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Jun 1, 2021

You might have heard a myth that luck plays a role in achieving success in the UPSC exam. However, the truth is that your effort can change your luck and fulfill your dream. The UPSC candidates have to cover a vast syllabus. You cannot prepare yourself within a few weeks. You need a proper mindset to reach your target.

Till now, several IAS toppers have made their careers brighter by cultivating some habits. You may also develop those habits to crack the UPSC exam. Check these habits to ensure better performance as an IAS candidate. 

Best Habits to Take You to the Path of Success in the UPSC Exam

The habit of creating a timetable-

Without a timetable, you cannot keep yourself organized. Moreover, you cannot cover up the syllabus while not following the timetable. As your lifestyle is different from other candidates, you have to create a unique timetable. The timetable must include-

  • Your daily study hours
  • Hours for taking rest
  • Time allotted for physical activities
  • Time for socialization

Some candidates allot the major part of the timetable to their study hours. This mistake will make them feel bored, and thus, they will lose interest in their study. That is why you must avoid this mistake while making your routine.

Another important trick is to edit your routine after a few months.

The habit of reading books voraciously-

You must be an enthusiastic reader, as you need to go through several books for IAS preparation.

You have to read books, magazines, and newspapers to know about the latest affairs in India. Moreover, you must have the capacity to retain the information that you have obtained from different sources. The best IAS candidates are also capable of grasping new concepts very fast. A real interest in reading will help you in writing better-quality answers. Moreover, you can grow your analytical skills by reading books.

Mock tests and writing habits-

The IAS Prelims will present you with objective questions. The UPSC aspirants like to give more focus on it. However, you need to deal with subjective questions for the UPSC Mains. Thus, you have to refine your writing skills for best performance.

Furthermore, you have to know the way of developing the best notes. It helps you in presenting the best content while writing answers. 

Another notable thing is to test you repeatedly. Although there are question banks, you can join  Online UPSC coaching in Delhi. The coaching academy will conduct mock tests to sharpen your skills and strengthen your knowledge. The regular testing process will help you in preparing for the IAS exam.

Time management habits-

Efficient time management is a vital factor to achieve success. Time management skills will help you to prepare yourself within the shortest time. Moreover, you can attempt your questions within the allotted time.

Be disciplined-

Discipline is highly important to make your life balanced. Although you have created a schedule, you must stick to it. Proper discipline is essential to find progress in your study. There must not be a single day when you have not studied your books. 

Avoiding clutter-

There are several books available in the market. However, you must not read something that is irrelevant. It will be a waste of energy and time. You may gather relevant and limited stuff and concentrate on it. Moreover, you can concentrate on the important study materials for the IAS exam. It is safe to join UPSC coaching in Delhi Mukherjee Nagar to get the best resources for your study.

You can now look for the most reliable coaching institute to brighten up your career. You will get the best tips from professional instructors.


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