Compare Women's Best Winter Jackets


Dec 7, 2020

Most people who prefer using high-quality sportswear during their various winter outdoors activities will first consider either Columbia or North Face, two very popular brands that make a wide range of high-quality apparel for various outdoor activities.

As both companies offer a wide selection of quality jackets, coats, and parkas, it can be quite difficult to choose between the two brands and the various types of apparel they make, especially when some are quite similar in look and features.

​To help select the most appropriate brand that fits your taste and needs, this article will try to point out some of the differentiating points between the two brands and present you with our selection of the most popular Columbia and North Face Women's Sheepskin Shearling Leather Jacket and parkas bought by Amazon customers.

Columbia was established in 1938, as a hat distributor out of Portland, Oregon, and ended up growing into a multi-million-dollar outerwear giant.  On the other hand, North Face was first founded in 1968 in San Francisco as an equipment retail store for outdoors fans and grew up to become today one of the largest and most respected names in outwear.

Though the clothes you wear should, in general, depend mostly on personal choice and fit, you might want to consider the following points before you decide between North Face and Columbia:

  • In general, if you are looking for authentic sporting wear and not just for something to keep you warm and comfortable, you might want to consider North Face.
  • But if you are just looking for a high-quality winter coat that will keep you warm and comfy, then do not hesitate to go for a Columbia.
  • If you have budgeting constraints and still want to get a quality winter coat, you might want to consider a Columbia, as North Face products are in general more expensive. It does not really make sense to pay the higher price tag of a North Face, if you will be using your coat to simply go back and forth to work or do your shopping.  But if you will be using it for any sort of winter sports, it is well advised to get a North Face.
  • If wearing products whose brand names have become a status  symbol is something you  like, then go for a North Face, as it is more of a status symbol than Columbia, though both brand names have by now become a status symbol.
  • Many Columbia jackets and coats are built with the proprietary Omni-Shield™ advanced water and stain repellency feature.  They also have the proprietary Omni-Heat™ synthetic thermal reflective lining and insulation to keep you warm when it gets  real cold.  Other Columbia jackets and coats come with TurboDown™ insulation which is a sort of performance enhanced down that fuses with the Omni-Heat™ synthetic insulation for lightweight warmth and heat retention.
  • Most North Face jackets and coats have high-fill power goose down ranging from 550 to 900 fill, the highest quality commercially available.  The insulation provided by this traps hot air for reduced heat loss and increased warmth.  In addition, many North Face jackets and coats are built with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) which is applied to the face of the fabric to provide the first line of defense against wet weather. Other North Face jackets and coats come with the proprietary PrimaLoft® feature that offers the lightweight loft, warmth and compressibility of down with the wet-weather insulating performance of synthetics.  
  • Most of  Columba and Genuine Leather Jacket Mens are machine washable. But  washing instructions should be carefully followed as some are only washable on cold,  without fabric softener, and require to be  tumbled dry on low.
  • North Face products come with ​a Life Time Warranty, while Columbia has a 60-day return policy. 
  • Note that both companies make their products with 100% responsibly sourced down.  They are both committed to ensuring the highest industry animal welfare guidelines. 

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