Jun 1, 2021

Air India is the government-based airline of India mostly flying to international places and the majority of the Indian cities. For those based in India, but who want to visit abroad are free to book flights on a cheap fare.

Cancellation of Air India flight

Apart from the confirmation of the Air India flights, there are a lot of people who even cancel their bookings because their plans get canceled. However, if you confirm your flight cancellation then after that you have to apply for the flight refund. For the detailed information related to the Air India refund, reach out to the flight refund policies given below.

Steps to cancel the flights of Air India

•        For cancellation of the Air India flight, there are few steps that will help the airline passengers to apply for the flight cancellation.

•        To apply for the flight cancellation, go to the website of the airline and now click on the manage booking link to go for the flight cancellation and then follow the online instructions.

•        As you tap on the cancellation tab, enter the booking number of the airline and then the name of the flight passenger.

•        Follow the online instructions and then cancel the booking of the existing ticket. Now as you cancel the booking by tapping on the cancel button, the flight reservations will be canceled.

•        Passengers can even cancel the button by using the helpline number of the airline and then confirm the cancellation.

Flight refund policies of the Air India

Because of the ongoing Pandemic, a lot of flight passengers have decided to cancel their flight reservations and even a lot of flights are getting canceled. And the airline has also revised its refund policies because of the flight cancelation under pandemic.

•        If the passengers cancel their bookings between 25th march and 3rd may 2021 then the airline will waive off the entire flight ticket without any cancellation fee.

•        This applies to both the flight tickets, be it international or the domestic flight and then you can apply for the flight refund.

•        In case the flight is canceled normally then the passenger can choose to receive the flight refund the way they want.

•        You can apply for the refund in form of the original payment or you can even take the flight voucher that will help you to re-book flights in near future.

•        The flight refund will be processed in a week and in case there is any delay then you can contact the customer care team of the airline.

And that’s all how a person can apply for a refund on Air India flights. For more information, contact the Air India customer service phone number. The support team of the airline works 24x7 hence you can approach the airline anytime. 




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