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National interest waiver | Peter Dong

May 31, 2021

Whether you are a part of a company looking to expand abroad or want to start one, there are certain necessary things you need to fulfill before doing one. However, if you are not very well-versed with the process, this article is ideal for you. Further mentioned here are some important things you need to know.


What are Some Differences between a Regular EB2 Visa and EB2 NIW Petitions?


In the case of a regular EB-2 Visa, any foreigner needs a US national to act as a case petitioner. On top of that, you will need to get a labor certificate before you can file for an I-140. In such a case, the foreign national is known as a 'beneficiary.'  In this petition, the foreigner needs to establish their qualifications.


On the other hand, if you opt for an EB-2 NIW, you can skip the hassle and petition for yourself. That said, even in this case, you will have to showcase the qualifications necessary for the NIW and keep in mind the national interest waiver priority date.


All in all, a National Interest Waiver omits the necessity for the labor certification process and the requirements of an offer of employment.


Why should one Consider Opting for an EB-2 visa?


Usually, getting a green card based on employment can be quite an arduous task. However, with EB-2 Visa, you can easily skip the requirements to acquire job offer requirements and labor certification. With an EB-2 or EB-1 Green Card, you can petition yourself, making the whole task a lot easier.


What are some Requirements to get the EB-2 Green Card?


Before you apply for an EB-2 visa, you have to make it very evident that your business is potent enough to run in the industry and has enough capital for the same.


Who is Qualified to get a National Interest Waiver?


There are mainly two kinds of National Interest Waiver green cards, the EB-1 and EB-2 visa. While the EB-1 is applicable for managers, executives, and other candidates with some extraordinary achievement, the latter is meant for advanced degree holders.


With the information mentioned here, you will be more prepared to avail of a national interest waiver priority date without much hassle. Rest assured, you can easily start your own company if it meets all such requirements.


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