Advantages & Disadvantages of a raised floor for your exhibition stand

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May 29, 2021

Many of our stand concepts include a raised floor structure or raised floor. These exhibition floors are also called raised floor system or cable floors. I am often asked whether such a floor is desirable or necessary for a stand.

In this article I will therefore explain the features as well as advantages and disadvantages of such a trade fair floor.


Types of floor coverings for exhibition stands

The floor and the floor covering are an important part of your exhibition stand. Important from a practical point of view, but above all for design reasons. Your exhibition stand floor must match the image of your brand and your company, as well as the desired style of your stand. A beautiful or less attractive floor influences the look and feel of your exhibition stand; in a positive or negative way.


Advantages of a raised floor for your exhibition stand

Appearance: Laying the floor covering on a raised floor gives your stand a high-quality and attractive appearance.

Laying cables and pipes: power cables as well as supply and drainage pipes, e.g. B. the water supply, can be laid under the raised floor. At some booths it is also possible that electrical lines from the exhibition hall run across your booth area. If you don't have a raised floor, these (usually very thick) cables can become an obstacle to your stand.

Always a level exhibition floor: not all exhibition grounds have a level and even floor. If you were to lay a floor covering directly on such a floor, the end result would usually not be very appealing. Some floors, such as B. wooden floors or laminate floors cannot be installed at all if the sub-floor is not even and straight.


Disadvantages of a raised floor or a raised exhibition floor

Of course there are also disadvantages:

Costs: This is where I see the biggest disadvantage of a booth with a raised floor. Laying a raised floor is labor-intensive for our stand builders and requires additional transport space. A raised exhibition floor therefore increases the costs of your exhibition stand considerably. Are you on a tight budget? If so, then you should consider choosing a stand without a raised floor. In this case, you have to accept the fact that cables are not always invisible.


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