Can I get a refund from Hawaiian Airlines?

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May 29, 2021

How can you get a Hawaiian Airlines refund?

Do you want to know if Hawaiian Airlines will give you a refund or not? People who have booked a flight with Hawaiian Airlines but had to cancel due to a last-minute emergency often expect a refund. Hawaiian Airlines give the refund to passengers if certain requirements are met by them. Read the points from below to learn all about how to get a refund from Hawaiian Airlines.

·Hawaiian Airlines offers a full refund if flights are cancelled within 24 hours of original purchase and at least 7 days before the scheduled departure.

·Airlines give refunds for cancelled flights beyond a 24-hour time restriction, after deducting the cancellation fee from the original ticket price.

·The qualified traveler must request a refund on Hawaiian Airlines' website or by calling their reservations department.

·The airlines give a refund for credit card payments within 7 days, but it takes 20 days to issue a refund for cash or cheque payments.

As a result, you can get a refund from Hawaiian Airlines by filling out an online form or calling their reservations care center. You can also contact the airline's customer support staff to get further information on receiving a refund following an emergency flight cancellation.



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