How do I contact easyJet customer service by phone and email


May 28, 2021

How do I contact easyJet customer service by phone and email?


Are you looking out for the official contact details of EasyJet airlines? Are you facing any problems with them? If it is so, then here is what you need to read!


It is quite easy to avail of real-time assistance at EasyJet. We might need assistance at any point of time in our life while traveling with the respective Airlines. For the same, we should be handy with the official phone number that we can reach out to or the official mailing address on which we can drop an email regarding the doubts. In this article, you will be notified about the official contact details of EasyJet airlines so that you can contact Easyjet customer service directly whenever you need any kind of assistance from them.


Possible methods to get live person assistance at EasyJet


A detailed description of each and every method that you can follow to get a real-time life person assistance at EasyJet has been explained in the below points:


Contact them via phone call


It is quite easy to place a call to the concerned executives at EasyJet. That is why it was one of the most prevalent methods to take assistance from them. The official contact number to place a call to EasyJet is 0330 551 5160. By placing a call to this mentioned number, you will be connected to an automated call framework with the help of which you can easily be directed to connect with the appropriate executive.


Contact them via the Email address


If you are not in a hurry to take any kind of assistance from EasyJet, then you can easily take assistance from the executives by dropping them an email containing your doubts and queries. Executives will revert you within 24 hours of your application to them. The authentic mailing address to contact EasyJet is


This is how you can easily get in touch with the Easyjet customer service and take live person assistance from them. The officials are responsive enough to assist you with everything that you need regarding your travel.


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