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May 27, 2021

Have you tried an online class? Do you think learning online is quite boring? Many students do not like the idea of online classes. They find them uncomfortable. Interacting with the teacher is a hassle and it becomes difficult to concentrate on the lesson. But, is that applicable for online learning programs? Well, then you must have not tried online classes by askIITians. We are providing online coaching to students from Classes 6 to 12 for more than 15 years now. We have not only made learning for students much easier but effective! 


You can learn from anywhere 

You are no more bounded by geography. You can take our online classes from anywhere all around the world. This means you no more have to rely on your local coaching centres or tuition. You can learn online from the best, trained instructors and subject matter experts.


We make online learning much engaging 

Our online tutors use a variety of ways to teach a concept step by step. We try to make the lesson more engaging by using examples and application-based learning. We use multimedia like presentations, videos, animations and pictures to make learning much more interactive and interesting. 


Guidance for all Exams 

Whether you are preparing for the mighty JEE and NEET or simply for your school examination, we have the right course material for you. Our experts have prepared exclusive study materials for all your learning needs. We have also started Online Tutoring in Dubai, Bahrain and other Arab countries. 


Consistent feedback, better results 

Many other online tutoring services do not consider the importance of feedback. They just focus on teaching the students online but are least bothered about whether students can grasp the concepts or not. At askIITians we believe in providing feedback to the students on how they are performing in their studies. We provide personalized attention to every student so that they can share their learning problems with us and we can actively solve them. 


Affordable online learning 

If you have tried enrolling in those coaching centres that charge a heavy amount of money and in return follow the same old classroom teaching methods, then it is time to switch to askIITians. We offer affordable online coaching for CBSE, JEE, NEET and many other examinations in India and abroad.

Our Online Tutoring in Salalah has been a great success despite our minimal charges as we are a student-centric organization. 


Take control of your learning 

We are here to guide you at all times. We will be providing your study planners and helping you out in managing your studies. Yet, you will gain full control over your learning. You can plan your classes based on your schedule. You can learn at your own pace without having to rush with the whole class. Once you are in charge of your learning, you will surely take more interest in it. 


Engaging study resources 

We have created a variety of study resources for our students. These study materials will not only help you in revising a concept but also make learning much more effective and interesting. You will get mindmaps, flashcards, revision notes, presentations, assignments, daily practice papers, video solutions, recorded video lectures and much more. You can also participate in our live, interactive classes which are much more engaging than any online classes. 


Online learning does not always mean sitting in front of a computer or a laptop and listening to your teacher. It also means interacting with your tutor the minute you have a doubt. It means studying a topic using different methods so that you can memorise the concept easily. It also means taking control of your learning and studying at your own pace. So are you ready to enhance your knowledge and skills with askIITians?



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Our online tutors use a variety of ways to teach a concept step by step. We try to make the lesson more engaging by using examples and application-based learning. askIITians provide you best online education services.