What Is United Airlines Mask Policy? Know Everything before Traveling


May 27, 2021

Ever since the COVID 19 has declared a pandemic, traveling has turned upside down. With myriads of new rules and guidelines, every airline is trying to follow the safest practices to deliver the best service. Likewise, United Airlines has also introduced a number of changes and implemented rules.

In addition to this, if one is failed to fulfill such requirements he or she will not be allowed to travel by airline. In case you have made reservations on United Airlines, you should know the newly implemented amendment in the United Airlines mask policy. Besides, to know about it, you can either contact the United Airlines customer service or go through the information explained below. So, without wasting time, you should read the given details.

What Does the United Airlines Mask Policy Say?

  • As per the new guidelines of United Airlines, all the passenger who are two or more than two years old, they must wear a mask. Also, the mask that passengers wear must not have vents or openings.
  • Bandanas are not permissible as an alternative for a mask while traveling with United Airlines.
  • In addition to this, if you have a face shield but not wearing a mask, you are not allowed to travel by the airlines. In any case, you have to wear a proper mask to travel by United Airlines.
  • Besides, you are recommended to install the app for the betterment of the service and contactless travel.
  • Since it is totally up to a passenger how much he or she wants to be safe. It is advisable for all to wear masks. If possible, wear two layers of masks to get full protection.

Apart from this, if you still have more queries swirling into your head and itching every nerve of your brain saying whether to travel or not, you should contact the customer service team. The support team members will help you to understand the new policies of United Airlines. All you need is to contact the United Airlines customer service phone number. The Support team representative will be providing you the best possible assistance.




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