Why is Hotmail not recognizing my account?

Mays Jacob

May 27, 2021

Hotmail is a free webmail service that is launched by Microsoft. Through the help of a Hotmail account, you can very easily send & receive emails from different parts of the world, with less time & with faster delivery. But sometimes the Hotmail account can automatically stop working & we might not receive emails. Then you should know why Hotmail not working , & not recognizing your account.

With these points you will understand the consequences that you suffer from your Hotmail account while you try to login into your account;

•        Your PC might get full with cookies & catches

•        Or the second point could be because of your poor internet connection

•        And it could be major with the problem when you provide incorrect credentials for login

•        Or you might be operating an old version of Hotmail service

•        Your PC got virus or Hotmail that is stopping it from functioning properly

•        The configurations that are used for Hotmail might be improper

•        Or it might be showing some kind of errors that might be interrupting.

Now also go through the steps to fix Hotmail issues;

•        First of all connect your device with an active internet connection

•        Then you have to use the correct login credentials for your Hotmail account

•        You have to clear the cache & cookies of your browser, & also clear the junk files of your device for smoother access

•        You also disable all the active extensions on your browser

•        Most importantly if you have installed anti-virus software on your device then run a full scan to find the malware & fix it.

However, if you need further information in regards to your Hotmail account access then you are free to take the help from Hotmail customer service , which is available 24/7 round the clock, to provide instant assistance for your queries.




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