Five Unusual and Fun Things to do in Shreveport

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May 26, 2021

Shreveport is one of the most populated cities in the metropolitan area and northwest Louisiana. Its main hub, the Sci-Port Discovery Center, features an IMAX dome and interesting science exhibitions. In addition, the city’s iconic and incredible museums, historical, and cultural sites represent the rich heritage of the development of the town and the ancient facts associated with it. Spring Street Historical Museum displays the local history dating back to the 19th century.


In today’s time, Shreveport belongs to a commercial and industrial center producing an extraordinary number of products, including petroleum, natural gas, steel and iron products, chemicals, cotton, lumber, and many more products. 


Follow the detailed guide to find out the epic things to do in Shreveport. 


Head to the American Rose Center


Shreveport is widely famous for having the largest rose park, located in the American Rose Center. The site covers a massive land of 118 acres that grows more than 20,000 individual rose bushes. Seeing tons of beautiful and colorful roses is perfect bliss for someone who appreciates natural beauty and feels good when surrounded by flowers and greenery. The delightful fountains in the park look amazing and give an impression of a dreamy atmosphere and charming views. It’s an excellent place for photographers to capture some iconic and aesthetic shots in the middle of a rose garden.  


Visit the Betty Virginia Park


The Betty Virginia Park is primarily dedicated to the lush green open spaces in Shreveport, covering around 23 acres of land. The site is ideal for having a great evening and having fun with your family or friends. If you are traveling with your pet, you can plan a perfect picnic and spend quality time being close to the clear blue sky, greenery, and flowers all around. The breathtaking views of the park will fill your heart and soul with much-needed peace and happiness. The walking trails are perfect for doing exercise or activities like walking, running, jogging, cycling, etc. 


Relive your childhood at Air U Trampoline Park


If you think about some of the interesting things to do in Shreveport, you cannot miss going to the Air U Trampoline Park for endless fun and feeling like a child again. There are no age restrictions to visit the site, and people of all age groups can come here and participate in some fun and thrilling activities and relive their childhood days. It is entirely safe to jump on the foam pits and bounce around as the park's authority ensures that no one gets injured. In addition, there are open jump sessions where one can come and play till your heart doesn’t allow you anymore. Make British Airways reservations and get ready to be a part of a unique experience. 


Get ready for fun games in Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport


The Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport certainly gives you a unique experience that one cannot forget easily. The casino provides a mega gaming facility to visitors on a massive gaming floor of 30,000 square feet. You will find more than 50 table games if you come here, and interested candidates can book one of the 1500 slots and play exciting and crazy games on video poker machines. There is no shortage of dining and entertainment options around the resort, and you cannot miss being a part of epic live shows. 


Feed the animals in Jubilee Zoo


Jubilee Zoo is an iconic and perfect spot for animal lovers that provides a unique opportunity to feed and interact with horses and other animals. You can plan a day trip and organize events for your kid’s birthday party or field trip programs. Once you have toured the zoo, you can participate in some iconic activities and enjoy being in a bouncy castle and a massive playground for kids. Plan a fantastic trip to Shreveport and experience the unseen treasure and beauty of the city by making Southwest Airlines Reservations

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