Can I Synchronize QuickBooks online with my desktop version?

Rupinder Kaur

May 25, 2021


There are many conditions when you might want to sync QuickBooks online with your Desktop version. For example, your area might not have seamless internet connectivity, or your bank account may refuse to integrate with your desktop version, but it supports the online version. So, you would prefer to go for an online version and sync the data with it.


Even if the reason is solid, QuickBooks doesn’t provide any such provision. QuickBooks Desktop (Windows and Mac) and QuickBooks Online utilize separate platforms and they work independently. In simple words, they are not compatible with each other. So, for now, you cannot sync them. 


However, there are a few solutions you can use to transfer your data from one platform to another or get remote access to your important data and files:


1- Using Desktop App


If you already have QuickBooks Online, you would not need to sync your data explicitly. QBO provides its own Desktop App, which automatically shows all the transaction details you enter in the web version if your computer is connected to the internet. So, you simply have to get the app.


2- Hosting QuickBooks Desktop


QuickBooks hosting is another solution where you don’t have to worry about syncing data. In this solution, the third-party cloud provider hosts QBD over the internet to provide access to the files or data via a web browser from anywhere and anytime. So, you are using a desktop but having remote access to the desktop version, that too at a cheaper price compared to the online version.


3- Using Remote Access Tool 


QuickBooks Remote Access tool is the next solution for people who want access to their files online. The tool is an add-on for QuickBooks accounting software that connects to the remote machine installed with the QuickBooks desktop. There are two versions of the add-on – QuickBooks Access and Full Desktop Access. It is readily available on Intuit's website at a specific price.


4- Using Import and Export Option


QuickBooks Desktop has the option to import and export data to transfer info to and from QuickBooks. You can import data like accountant’s changes, bank transactions, general journal entries, and batch transactions, as well as your customers and vendors. Similarly, it allows you to export general journal entries, reports, and customer and vendor lists. 


There are different types of migration available to suit individual needs, such as migration with MS Excel, using CSV files, and import and export invoice and other form templates. Similarly, there are others like importing and exporting IIFs, importing bank transactions with Web Connect files, sending journal entries back and forth with your accountant, and exporting your file for your accountant and importing accountant changes.


5- Using QuickBooks Converting Tools


QuickBooks Online also provides a solution called QuickBooks converting tools to locate essential financial data and transfer the data free of cost. The tool allows converting all your financial data from any other software solution, including QuickBooks Desktop, Sage, Microsoft Accounting Office, or to QuickBooks Online.  




While QuickBooks doesn’t have any feature to sync data from one platform to another, there are other solutions you can use to fix the issue. Hopefully, the options given above will help you resolve your issue.


Rupinder Kaur

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Rupinder Kaur

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