How can I put a flight reservation on Hold with Delta Airlines?

Jamie Taylor

May 25, 2021


Have you booked with Delta Air Lines but want to Hold your booking for any reason? The airline does allow you to do this, but keeping a reservation can be a tricky task. But worry because there are ways to Hold and reserved your Delta booking without any hassles. In addition, this service applies to regular flights, award flights, or bookings made with Delta miles).

Therefore, please read this post further and get information about holding Delta Airline tickets. Also, if you find that the information discussed here is not helpful, please feel free to contact Delta Airlines Reservations and contact an expert on-site.

Essential Guidelines to hold a Delta Airline ticket

The following are important but valuable points to help you maintain a Delta Airline ticket.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines, airlines including Delta Air Lines must provide their passengers with a 24-hour flight without paying any fees or cancel a full refund of their flight within 24 hours. Delta Air Lines further allows all the passengers to keep their tickets on hold for 24 hours. They can even call the Delta airlines customer service number, but, if they wish, passengers can pay a $25 ticket fee if they buy a ticket over the phone. You can buy it. Passengers can create a SkyMiles frequent flyer account online for free To hold their Delta Airline tickets. Afterward, they can log in to SkyMiles and purchase reserved tickets in the "My Journey" section. However, if the passenger cannot find the booking in their SkyMiles account, they can pay $25 to buy the ticket. You should not provide your credit card information, and please make sure that your SkyMiles number is linked to your SkyMiles account.

Please pay the booking fee at the Delta Ticket Office; otherwise, the booking will expire the next day at midnight. However, you can still hold your Delta flights in specific ways. Passengers can use it for no award flights or award flights also flights paid by miles. Just feel free to contact Delta Airlines Telefono and speak to an airline agent for extra support regarding this situation.

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