Overview of Datastage

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Dec 3, 2020


DataStage is an ETL device that extracts data, loads data, and transforms data, from source to target. Data sources can include indexed files, external data, sequential files, archives, business applications, relational databases, etc. DataStage enables market research by offering quality data to help gain business intelligence.


Datastage ETL has a useful graphical front-end for developing tasks that handle the transformation, validation, processing, and loading of data from multiple sources, such as business applications such as Passport SAP, Oracle, mainframes for data storage systems.


Datastage is used in a large organization as an interface between different systems. It is responsible for extracting, converting, and loading data from the source to the target destination.


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When IBM developed DataStage in 2005, it was renamed IBM WebSphere DataStage and after IBM InfoSphere. IBM InfoSphere (DataStage) is the first ETL platform to incorporate secure data across several enterprise systems using a high-performance parallel on-site or cloud architecture.

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An enterprise uses Datastage in the following scenarios:

  • Creation and maintenance of data warehouse or datamarts.
  • Data Integration from various sources.
  • Data Migration from various sources.

DataStage is available to be established in different variants:

  • The server version is operating on a single server and has no inherent parallelism. Generates code in a language known as DataStage BASIC.
  • Enterprise Version is run on an architecture that allows for automatic parallelization in either an SMP or cluster environment. It generates Orchestrate shell scripts.
  • For mainframe execution, the Enterprise MVS version is used. DataStage produces JCL and COBOL which are transferred and executed in the mainframe. It provides a GUI based interface to do the Extract Transform Load activity.

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