Effective Tips to Use When Choosing Keywords for Your Website

Charles Lounsbury

May 24, 2021

It takes more than content to rank on any search engine. Use of the right keyword research strategy is one sure way to improve your visibility on google. You can take practical steps to make the concept of keywords effective, and here are the main ones.




What you think is the right keyword may not necessarily be what search engines are looking for. Therefore, it is vital to research what competitors are using on their site and the keyword volume appropriate for ranking. You should also use relevant keywords that relate to your business and lead visitors to your site.


Look At The Competition


Checking on other sites that rank higher than you is essential as it allows you to learn what others are doing differently. Using a keyword rank checker can help you identify titles, domains, and URLs. Once you know the details, implement them on your website.


It is easy with a rank checker since you only have to enter a site’s domain you desire to verify its ranking on Google. You will instantly get a report with details of the top keywords attracting users to the web pages. You can also check your site’s position and later improve it using the strategies you take from competitor sites. 


Be Specific 


To find your site with ease, you should know its intent and portray it in keywords. If the keywords are specific, it will be easier for search engines to direct traffic to your site. Your content should also match with the keywords instead of trying to stuff them in a post. 


Look At The Bigger Picture 


The website is yours, but that does not mean you should be selfish in executing your plans. Once you understand what search engines are looking for, avoid rushing without evaluating what your site needs. Initially, you will need to work on quality content before thinking of inserting the right keywords. 


Your main goal should be to serve your target audience with the correct information. Later you can start working on how to improve your revenue through ads. SEO is not for the faint-hearted since it requires work, but that does not mean it is unattainable; you can do it. 


Keyword Optimization 


A critical step to achieve this step is optimizing your content when writing it and not after. Once you have the keywords that sell, incorporate them in your posts. As you insert them, do it carefully to avoid looking like you are forcing your way with them. 


Remember to stick to the Google guidelines so that you do not violate them. There are other places to insert the keywords apart from the content, such as the title, Meta descriptions, and URLs.




When it comes to keyword optimizing, there is much more to consider. Apart from knowing the ones to insert into your pages, it would be best to also learn where to place them.


Charles Lounsbury

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Charles Lounsbury

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