Does Facebook have live chat support

Nick Smith

May 22, 2021

Does Facebook have live chat support?

If you have encountered some issues with your Facebook account, and are wondering what one could do? Well, you have come to the exact right place. In this paper, we are about to share the details regarding the support team at Facebook and what one needs to do in order to get in touch with them. Also, the paper will enlighten you regarding the Live chat support option offered at Facebook to resolve issues, glitches, concerns or queries.

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Does Facebook have Live chat support?


If you are interested in reaching out to Facebook Customer service, then doing so through the Live chat option is the best way. Let us understand why? 

  • The first reason for this is that the users are able to connect instantly with the service professionals at Facebook. Therefore it is regarded as the best method to connect with someone on Facebook for help or assistance.
  • Also, the chat option is readily available on the official Facebook support page. You could connect using the same and the help or assistance will be readily available as you connect with someone using the Live chat option. 
  • The chat option is the best when it comes to assistance as you are able to discuss all your doubts and queries with the service professionals.

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How to get to the chat support page?


  • At Facebook, the users are supposed to visit the Facebook application first.
  • Perform the Login, if you have not logged in already. 
  • Once you have logged in, you are then required to visit the settings option. 
  • Under the settings option, click on the ‘Help and Support’ section. 
  • Under the ‘Help and Support’ section, you are required to select any one option that is as follows: Help Centre or Support Inbox to get in touch with the customer service professionals. 

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