How To Unbox And Setup HP Printer? Give an Access To 123.hp/setup


Nov 28, 2020

Unboxing HP Printer and setting it up can troublesome for the newbie who has bought an HP Printer from the store or has ordered online. When you visit 123.hp/setup will get the entire process.

In the current era of the technical world, Printers are becoming a very essential device. To obtain a high-quality printing solution, one should always prefer the top-brand printing machine. When it comes to reliability and very effectiveness of brand, HP is considering at the priority level. Therefore, if you purchase an HP printer for your home or office premises, then you must know how to unbox the device and set it up in an appropriate manner. In case, you are not competent enough to get your HP Printer Setup successfully, give access to the link 123.hp/setup and follow the instructions guided on that page. In the blink of an eye, you can set up your printing machine correctly and get ready to print anything hassle-freely.

For a newbie, nothing is more terrifying than getting the printer setup accurately. That’s why; we have described in this post the entire fruitful procedures starting from Unboxing of HP Printer to setup. Hence, give a glimpse of the provided note and successfully set up your printer in very little time and minimal effort.

Effectual Guidelines To Unbox And Setup HP Printer

Follow the steps mentioned underneath if you are looking for the right information about HP Printer Setup. This instruction will walk you to do the setup for your printer. Let’s begin:

  • Once you have taken your HP Printer device at your home or office, the very beginning thing you require to do is to unbox the printer by removing the tape on it.
  • Now, you will get a disk inside the box mentioning all the desired steps for the printer setup. Also printer setup disk available for Windows and Mac to get the printer setup.
  • Unpack the printer from the plastic bag and remove the entire tape applied to the printer.
  • Now take the power cord, plug one end of the cord into the printer’s back and the other end into the wall outlet
  • Afterward, press the “Power” button on your printer device
  • Grab the ink bottles, lift-up the ink tank lid, and remove the ink cap properly. Now properly take the ink bottle in your hand and start filling the ink tank of various colors. The ink bottle should be kept upright and stored in a cool location.
  • After all the tanks are filled correctly, slightly close the tank lid. Next, you need to install the print heads.
  • Remove the print heads from the package. Open the front door and the carriage moves to the center.
  • Push down to open the blue carriage latch and slide the print head until it adjusts in its place. Slide and snap both the print heads provided with the box.
  • Once both print heads are installed, push down firmly the blue print head latch. The next thing you need to close the printer latch to work properly.
  • Then close the print head access door and the front door as well.
  • Pull out the paper tray and insert the A-4 sized plain white paper. Adjust the guide so that it touches the edge.
  • Also pull out the output tray and the extender.
  • When you see blinking 'P' on the control panel, then press the resume button for a couple of seconds. Once the blinking letter 'A' appears, the printer will print the alignment page. Alignment is necessary for the printer setup.

If you receive a quality printout, it means your HP Printer has successfully been setup. You may start print-job!

Get Complete Relevant Guide For Your HP Printer Setup

The afore-mentioned information is genuinely for 123.hp/setup. But if you yet get failed in setting up your printing device, don’t feel bad! We are here to assist you. All you need to do is place a single call at the helpline number and stay tuned with us. Our guidance will surely be impactful for bringing the printer setup.



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