NBA 2K21 New Jump Shot Landings

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May 21, 2021

Our guide will concentrate on the NBA 2K21 Jumpshot mechanic, including tips on how to make the best Jumpshot and the all-new Jumpshot Landings.


Jumpshots in NBA 2K21
Jumpshots are shots in which a player leaps into the air and fires the ball while still in the air.
Choosing the correct Jumpshot for your character is critical to winning games in NBA 2K21.


What is a Jumpshot and how do you execute it?
Holding the square button or the right analog stick down and then releasing it will enable you to perform a jumpshot in NBA 2K21.


What Can You Do To Improve Your Jump Shot?
When you first start MyPLAYER mode, you are given a generic Jumpshot, which some players enjoy while others dislike.

This is why NBA 2K21 includes a feature that allows you to adjust your Jumpshot or fully create a new one that fits your playstyle.

By going to the My Animations menu, you can choose any of the pre-made Jumpshots.

In the MyPlayer Appearance tab, you'll find this menu. You can choose from a wide variety of animations from this point on.

You can also purchase Jumpshots from the Animation Store if any of the Jumpshots you already have aren't up to par.


What Is The Best Way To Make A Custom Jumpshot?
To make your own Jumpshot, go to the MyPLAYER Appearance tab and select the Jump Shot Creator.

Different stats, such as foundation, upper release, and release pace, can all be customized.


Best Custom Jumpshot
I would highly recommend you to use this custom Jumpshot build to score any shots easily.
Base – Dwayne Wade
Upper Release 1 – Larry Bird
Upper Release 2 – Dirk Nowitzki
Release Speed – 100%
Animation Blending – 51% Larry Bird, 49% Dirk Nowitzki


Landings from Jumpshots
In addition, 40 new Jumpshot landings have been added to the game, which you can use to spice up your opponents after a good Jumpshot.

These emotes are unlocked once you've reached level 85 overall. By going to the My Animation menu, you can equip them.

Park Jump Shot Emotes can be found by looking for In-Game Celebrations and scrolling down below.

When you score a juicy 3-pointer, equip your unlocked emotes and show them off to the other players at the park.

Here are best automatic jumpshots 2021:


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