A quick and easy guide to sealing the most popular wig

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May 21, 2021

Wigs and extensions have long been the top choice for people who want to preserve their natural hair or just try something new. Weaving equipment and technology to keep pace with The Times, therefore, it is not surprising, however, the arrival of the summer can be a double-edged sword, in the hot weather to wear wigs looks uncomfortable and unrealistic, but when you have the hang of it, in the summer months wigs like apple pie is easy, you can see some useful nursing skills in summer.




One of these major enhancements includes the addition of hair closure, with an extension over the flat, conical bottom to reveal a natural appearance.


Hair closure braid hair that you would normally "leave outside" to cover hair marks and prevent hair from constant manipulation and heat damage. Installing a bottle cap can be a tedious task, so be sure to consult an experienced hairstylist before choosing any of the following options.



Lace vs. silk cover


The lace seal consists of a single strand of thread woven onto the lace material. Lace seals tend to be cheaper than silk seals and are usually easier to install and lay flat on the scalp. However, keep in mind that using this type of seal may require bleaching of a black knot, which can sometimes cause the seal to appear synthetic. Websites such as Indique Hair, Unice Hair and Onyc Hair sell premium lace options that don't break your money.


Silk seals, on the other hand, are made of strands embedded in a skin-like silk material. In general, when people want a more realistic look without having to wrinkle, they prefer silk claps. These will definitely cost you more money, but they are known to last longer and be more scalp-like. Sites such as silk seal base, diamond virgin silk hair bottle cap and seal shop are all great places to start searching.




The frontal lobe


The frontal lobes are in the same collection of bottle mouths, but are a little different as they are designed to cover the ears and are designed to mimic a natural hairline. The frontal lobe is perfect for people who are trying to hide hair loss or just want to protect their edges. Start searching for quality options at Crowned Collection in Tiarra Monet (located at the top).



360 closed


Like Her Imports' products, the 360-closure design has a headband that loops around your entire head, so you can wear a ponytail. This closure is best for anyone who wants the flexibility to explore a variety of style options!



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