Ways to Manage Your Web Store Smartly by Using Magento Customer Segmentation

Sellina John

May 21, 2021

Magento Customer segmentation is the substantial part of eCommerce stores. This segmentation enables company to split online store visitors into the certain groups which makes it easier for the webmasters to build a specific approach for each group. The Magento Development Services are coming out as the best solution to leverage the potential of this segment. According to the survey conducted by MailChimp, it was stated that the segmented marketing campaign are more effective than the non-segmented one.

Here in this post, I am going to tell you about the Magento customer segmentation and how can it be used for the smart management of the online store. Let’s get into this.

Important Basics You Should Know About Customer Segmentation

Psychological Factors: This is the factor that demands you to study your customers in the light of their attitude to the environment. As the most powerful segmentation, you can win the loyalty of the customers by analyzing their interests, religion, lifestyle, values, social status, etc. With you can easily understand the requirements of your customers. It also helps in creating a marketing strategy that is effective and rewarding.

Behavioristic Factors: Behavioristic Factors are the one that includes the shopping behavior of the customers on your store. You have to analyze the time spent by the customers on the specific category, products they are planning to buy, etc. With this approach you can divide the customers on the basis of different behavior aspects:

  • Shopping Behavior
  • Occasion
  • Usage rate of the product
  • Customer lifecycle Status
  • Brand loyalty Level and much more.

Demographic Factors: The Demographic factors comprise of personal basic information of the visitors. It include data like age, gender, location, marital status, income, etc. The Demographical factors are possibly the most useful factor that helps in the efficient maintenance of the online stores. It can be used for keeping the proficient track of the visitors on the website as you can get basic details about their identity. For instance, you can divide the number of visitors on the basis of key locations you want to target. It also helps in understanding their behavior. The geolocation segmentation can be very useful for maintaining marketing campaigns on the website which ultimately result in delivering enhanced user experience.

Customer Lifecycle Segmentation

These were the three major factors on which customer segmentation is based. Along with these factors, you should also use customer lifecycle to gain valuable information about the customers. You can hire digital marketing services to manage this. However, let’s take a look at the approaches for it:

All Visitors: Targeting all visitors to encourage them at purchasing is the common approach.

First-Time Buyers: Customers who are about to make their first purchase from your store.

Repeat Customers: These are the customers who have already shopped on your website and came back for another purchase.

Potential Customers: The customers who have signed up on your store but haven’t made any purchases.

Active Customers: The customers who make purchases under a specific time frame.

Inactive Customers: These are the one that needs to be encouraged for making purchases.

At-Risk Customers: The customers who have stopped making purchases on your website.

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