How To Write A Nursing Case Study


May 20, 2021

Students from other schools of study often bully nursing students for taking nursing case study help for every other assignment. They believe that the nursing curriculum is all about practical research and does not involve too much writing. Well, it is precisely the opposite. A nursing student has to write a lot; it can be in the form of a case study, essay or assessment. The steps to writing a nursing case study are much similar to a non-medical case study. It involves the basic steps like introduction, body, and conclusion though it is named differently like patient status, treatment plan, recommendations, and implementation and documentation.


1. Patient Status


The patient’s status includes statistical information like the patient’s medical history, current diagnosis, condition, and treatment. It would help if you collected from speaking to the patient directly unless the case study mentions writing about the hypothetical situation. Explain the reasons why the demographic history of the patient is essential in your case study.


Try to describe the reasons for which the patient took medical care and ascertain the subsequent diagnosis. It includes the causes, observed symptoms and progression of the disease. If structuring the points becomes too difficult, provide the noted information to a reliable nursing case study help service, and they will write it for you.


2. Nursing Assessment


Most students seek nursing case study writing help for writing this section of the assignment as they are not skilled in using their own words and logical power to write the assessment of a patient’s condition. Try to explain justified reasons for each assessment you make.


For example, suppose you write about a cancer patient with difficult urination as one of its symptoms. In that case, you need to document the urination problem in your assessment and speculate its potential causes. Then, depending on the potential causes of the disease, you must recommend the treatment options.


3. The Current Treatment and Recommendations


It involves writing about the treatment, which involves medication, therapy and other similar activities appropriate to cure the disease. In this section, you should also mention the treatment plan that will improve the patient’s quality of life, like the treatment goals, benchmarks to achieve success in the treatment, and how to achieve it quickly.


4. The Implementation and Documentation


This step includes the implementation of the aftercare treatments. You must write about the time, medicine dosage, and other treatment activities of the patient, then record the improvement of the patient.

To report the recorded patient data, analyze the information, and write how efficient the treatment plan has been for the patient.


Towards the end of this section, write about the recommendations; it can be the continuation of the treatment, an additional treatment, along with the continuing one, or a completely different treatment about which you have previously researched. You must justify each recommendation you make with the medical research literature. Medical research literature help with the nursing case study to prove that you have not recommended anything just out of your mind.


To write a nursing case study, follow the 4 simple steps mentioned above. Meanwhile, if you are looking to “do my assignment“, you can seek criminal law assignment help, marketing assignment help, and HR assignment help.


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