*New* FIFA 21 Meta 442 Custom Aggressive Tactics & Instructions

Thomas Dainton

May 20, 2021

In FUT winners, if you want to go to the elite rank and the rival has the ball and you want to press, you require a training to do so. Ok, you're the 442.


442 Custom Aggressive Attacking Instructions

  • Both strikers are key

All the strikers should be in the middle and you never want the right attacker to go right-winger. You may still start it manually if you sometimes want FIFA 21 PC Coins to run and head in another direction. Two attackers can sit in the center to be in the centre, and mid left and right to move down the wing. For strikers, don't bring them together in parallel positions, in a straight line. You can do that, for build-up play this is a bit simpler, particularly opponent uses two CDMs to stay back when attacking.


  • Left mid-right mid-coming and safety

When it comes to creating real chance, you should balance both. Some people enjoy staying big using them. But if these guys are wide, you can still use the sidelines to hug them on balance. In terms of cutting inside and free roaming, the problem is most of the time they do nothing, and another time when they do not come in. They're not as smart even though your teammates are around. We leave this unbalanced, and you can manipulate them if you like.


442 Custom aggressive tactics

  • defensive form

You have two choices for defensive style. We will encourage gold players with balance to press hard contact and press off place loss just for elite plus. Many people use it, but it's not that sweet. And the players always get out of place. But it's best to use hard contact pressure and this way you can realistically press anytime you want, because if you use press after loss of possession, you'll run out any time and a successful player can count on you. You must be strong enough to counter. Balanced is also fine, and if you're new to this, you can also use team press in the game.

  • Width defensive

As for the defensive distance, we've expanded this to six. It's debatable that a broader width to occupy more pitch places as you're protecting, we need to cover as much pitch as possible. So make sure you have the width to click. And if you have a very narrow, compact width, your opponent is very broad.

  • Defense depth

We've increased FUT 21 Coins to seven for defensive depth, you have two options: gold to elite. If you're like three-to-one target, aim seven. But realistically, five is plenty. Since seven is an offside pit. The defense line attempts to advance the passes. That's perfect if you're a decent player, but many lower-end players aren't good at right stick flipping. Seeing anyone back at the core quickly or slightly lowering the depth.

  • Offensive styling

Aggressive type, Choose healthy or long ball. Balanced is a perfect option if you don't rush ahead. As with the long ball, whether you like playmaking to run backwards, the long ball helps advocate it and get it behind. But certain players tend to build up a little slower. That's why you'd like balanced.

  • Aggressive width

We've gone for five for the distance, and don't ignore the 442 when you strike naturally is a broad formation anyway, so you need to go even wider? It's a little debatable, but five is a decent mix, your starters and two forwards, CDMs are big enough to distribute the ball between them, but still your left mid, right mid to be wide enough to dominate the left-back and right-back of the rival.

  • Players boxed

The players in the box can go down to four, there's no reason to use any higher if you don't like crossing the ball. Using the directions to bring players into the box.

  • Corners & kicks

It's only on one, we don't recommend moving further, but if it's too far, you might get counterattacked. So don't be too heavy. Leave on one, but don't get counterattacks.


Thomas Dainton

Thomas Dainton

Thomas Dainton