Planning and effective research writing strategies


May 18, 2021

Research papers are one of the most challenging academic endeavors for any student. The best and brightest often require professional research proposal paper help when stuck with challenging topics, convoluted instructions and narrow deadlines. Careful planning and effective research writing strategies are necessary for delivering in-depth write-ups without any hiccups.


This write-up aims lays down some useful points to help students conjure a decisive writing strategy for their research papers.


Here we go.

  • Arresting Abstract

Most readers read the abstract to gauge a paper’s quality and determine whether it is worth their time. Crafting an impressive abstract, that’s intriguing & educative is thus absolute essentiality.

  1. Include the key results and summary of the discussion
  2. Deliver bare minimum background information to make things clear
  3. The principal hypothesis, primary data research & analysis methods, and one-sentence conclusion must also be for a perfect self-contained abstract.
  • Intriguing Introduction

State the research problem or question in substantial & accurate details. Provide the theoretical context of the issue at hand and cite earlier works on the question. Do not go into too many details reserved for the literature review.

  1. Elaborate on the aims & objectives of your paper.
  2. Deliver the theoretical framework of your work.
  3. State the principal hypothesis of your study.
  4. Establish connections between your work and earlier scientific accomplishments.
  • Literature Review

Contrary to what most think, literature reviews need not dwell into every research literature relevant to the topic. And, that is where your ideas an intuition comes into action. Choose appropriate texts that connect with your approach and help you justify the necessity of your paper.

  1. Critically analyze the research approaches and findings. Cite often and accurately.
  2. Highlight the literature gaps that you aim to address in light of the literature cited.
  3. Employ their findings to develop your research hypothesis.
  • Materials and Methodologies

Craft this section in such a way as to help fellow future researchers recreate similar research conditions. A research paper’s vital purpose is to act as the perfect reference source for any researcher or independent investigator.

Data gathering and analysis methods, necessary tools & techniques, and information about other resources should constitute this section.

  • Discuss Your Results In-Depth

Carry out careful data analyses, answer the research question or arrive at the correct hypothesis.

  1. Using titled subsections results in an engaging narrative and improved readability.
  2. Deliver vital results in details but avoid adding any extraneous information.
  3. Use figures, tables and stats to help readers understand the text better.
  4. Present data necessary to answer the research question or support a hypothesis in a well-structured manner.
  5. Add overview sentences to sections that might not make any sense at first glance and make smooth transitions across the section.
  6. Connect your findings with cited literature and showcase how you filled the existing research voids.
  7. Make intelligent interpretations and contextualize the data you acquire. Remember to describe the limitations of research, address any ambiguity and recommend suggestions for further investigation.

A definitive conclusion and detailed references make up the final few sections of an excellent research paper.

That brings us to the end of this little research paper help guide. HOPE it helps you devise your paper writing strategy and deliver a top-notch white paper with ease!


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