Box Packaging Industry Is Already Expanding

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May 17, 2021

Global events such as wars and epidemics are responsible for the acceleration of certain changes. For example, the social isolation caused by the new coronavirus makes teleworking necessary. In order to maintain activity, organizations must adapt quickly.



While some industries are trying to reinvent themselves to survive, others are expanding. Online purchases increased during the pandemic, so the box packaging industry showed high demand. In this sense, the productivity and efficiency of an organization are the keys to order delivery.


The packaging industry is already expanding

In October 2019, the packaging plant recorded the output of more than 334000 tons of paperboard, breaking the record. It was one of the industries that served as an economic thermometer and showed the first signs of recovery at the time.


This is because packaging is essential for all kinds of products. In other words, if more packaging is needed, it is because the production of different items in the market is growing.


Traditionally, production will usually increase at the end of the year due to Christmas shopping, but the number of gift box packaging will increase further in 2022. This proves that the company needs new employees, which is another example of the expansion of the industry, heating and confidence in the market.


Investment projects

Another factor confirming this expansion is the investment even during the pandemic. The company is making use of competitive market prices to acquire smart assets and design medium and long-term plans. A variety of gift box packaging and die-cut box packaging is one of the most needed today.


Anyone who has the opportunity to invest now is doing business. Packaging production has good growth prospects, and participating in the business of the industry is another form of income.


Changes in pandemic habits

When scientists try to understand the new coronavirus, the safest way to protect themselves is through social disengagement. As a result, many Brazilian states have issued quarantine orders and told residents to leave their homes only when necessary.


If Friday's happy hour and weekend travel are common, then today's routine is indoors. In addition to door-to-door delivery services from bakeries, supermarkets and other institutions, orders for meal delivery also increased.

Being unable to leave home, online shopping is increasing in different areas. I need fitness equipment. Books, even clothes and shoes are some choices for consumers.


Online supermarkets are up 180% in some transactions, according to the Brazilian Association for electronic commerce (abcomm). The focus is on food, drink, beauty and health categories. The data were collected between March 12 and 20.


Governors in different countries are stimulating this new way of spending. The explanation is simple: so far, there is no evidence that the virus is transmitted through food or packaging, which is a respiratory disease. As a result, institutions can continue to sell.


Another thing to note is that there is a greater demand for packaging when the product is sent to the buyer than when the product is purchased directly in the enterprise. Therefore, even during the crisis, this change in habits is also one of the factors contributing to the growth of the packaging industry.


Pay Attention

There is no evidence that the virus was transmitted through packaging or food. However, be careful when you receive an order. The first is to keep a certain distance from the delivery personnel. It's best to wear masks and gloves.


Then, the recommended method is to remove the package, throw it in the trash or recycle it - preferably outside the house or in the laundry. Then, before handling or eating the product, please remove the gloves and wipe the gel alcohol. These are precautions to reduce exposure to the virus.


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