The method of using portable ultrasonic flowmeter to improve the measurement accuracy of large diameter flowmeter

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May 15, 2021

Portable ultrasonic flow meter has the characteristics of fast, flexible and non-contact measurement, which is unmatched by other flow meters. In the case that it is difficult to calibrate the large diameter flowmeter on site, it is possible to calibrate the flow meter online, and its use mode is widely used in enterprise measurement management. The comparison between portable ultrasonic flowmeter and on-line flow meter has become a common method for our company to ensure accurate measurement.

The transducer of portable ultrasonic flow meter is installed with external clamp type, and there is no need to stop the flow and cut off the pipe, as long as the transducer is installed outside the pipeline. Therefore, we choose the portable ultrasonic flow meter model flch-2011 as the standard meter and send it to the national large flow metering station for value traceability. After the verification, it will be used as the level 1.0 standard meter to transfer the value of the next level large diameter flowmeter. Make the fluid continuously flow through the standard meter and the tested flowmeter in the same time interval, and compare the output flow value of the two, so as to determine the metering performance of the tested flowmeter.


However, due to the influence of field pipeline conditions, installation quality and other factors, the accuracy of portable ultrasonic flowmeter is often lower than its nominal accuracy, and sometimes the error is large, which can not achieve the purpose of use. For example, in the calibration of our company's three catalytic circulating water field, there are three different calibration data for the total meter and sub meter.


In order to evaluate the influence of pipeline, installation and signal on portable ultrasonic flowmeter, we use the method of system calibration to solve this problem, ensure the normal operation of the measuring instrument, avoid the influence of adverse factors, and give full play to its own advantages.


The method of system calibration is changing from the original single point calibration to the overall calibration of the whole system. There is no comparison or reference between the data calibrated by a single point, and the number marked is the number, and then adjust the flowmeter based on the standard value, which often makes the field calibration personnel unable to find the wrong data in time, which will lead to the wrong operation of the flowmeter. By using the method of system calibration, the calibrated data can be supervised, restricted and compared with each other. If possible, the total meter and sub meter can be calibrated at the same time, but in the actual detection, a portable ultrasonic flow meter is usually used to calibrate point by point. This does not affect the calibration effect, because under certain working conditions, the flow rate of the medium in the pipeline will not change greatly, especially for the circulating water, and its process conditions and parameters are basically unchanged in a certain period of time. The operation method of system calibration is: in a certain period of time, the total meter and sub meter are calibrated respectively. In this way, the total scale and sub scale can be checked in time. If the total meter quantity is not consistent with the sum of sub meter quantity, the calibration data of portable ultrasonic flowmeter is not reliable. To find out the cause, calibrate again. This calibration method is more credible and reliable than single point calibration data.


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