Bad Credit vs No Credit: [What Are They And Ways To Improve Them]


May 13, 2021

What is worse – having Bad Credit Or No Credit Score?

No credit score represents that you don’t have any credit history. Whereas a bad credit score shows that you have done some sort of mistakes in repaying the loan amount on time. Moneylenders don’t find such seekers approachable.

But a no credit score gives the same vibe of how should I trust you to payback my loans on time! So its clear that both of them are a hindrance in your financing.

However there are ways by which you can Improve Your Bad Credit Score or build one. One more thing to add is that building a credit score is much easier than rebuilding and old one.

Thus lets begin this blog with knowing the ways through which you can improve as well as build your credit score.

Beginning firsly with rebuilding a bad credit score,

Ways To Improve Your Bad Credit Score

Following these tips you can again achieve your good credit score and become eligible for lending in the eyes of lenders.

  • Evaluation of your credit reports
  • Payments on due dates
  • Try to limit your credit utilization up to 30% or less
  • Use of credit monitoring services to track your progress
  • Paying off all your previous debts


Ways To Build A Good Credit Score From Beginning

The one way to build a positive credit score in the long run is to use credit responsibly. Because we don’t want you to fall for situations where you need money and you can’t be approved. That’s why we present you some tips following which you can Build Your Credit Score from scratch.

  • Get a secured credit card or credit-builder loan
  • Using a co-signer for a credit card
  • Becoming a user of installment loans
  • Become an authorized user on someone else's card
  • Check whether your monthly bills like of rents and other payments recorded in your credit reports

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