ACNH Construction For Island, Water And Fence

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May 12, 2021

The explanation that Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the best games in the world today is that by making ACNH items and materials all by yourself, in order to make the island more attractive. Do you remember any basic stuff as the island is rebuilt? Today, we will share some things you need to know about the construction tutorial for building your island area, water, fence in Animal Crossing.

ACNH construction area scale
It is important to remember that the duration of certain buildings is strange, which can easily create asymmetry during construction. Bridges, ramps, and cliffs must all be built on the shore/upper/lower level to prevent building. If you intend to create a bridge next to the project, you have to keep two spaces next to the project. It is not possible to alter the form of the edge of the terminal, the case office, the sea entry, and the island. However, the type of land on the island will shift and cocoa can be grown on the island. The construction pattern on the floor does not alter the sound when you go, so you may feel a little disobedient and suggest the simple style of floor. However, you can adjust the sound by placing another construction layer on the board.

  • In this case: 10x12 10x12
  • Admission: 4.
  • Pont: 4
  • Field: 2x4 (one grid length on the upper floor)
  • Home of the villagers: 4x4
  • Campground: 4x4
  • Shop: 4x7 Shop.
  • 4x7 Museum:
  • Apparel store: 4X5
  • The path at the airport gate: 2
  • A large grid: 16x16
  • Base region of the island: 4 grids x 5 grids


ACNH water construction 
The key would also be chosen using the pattern set by the island builder. In view of future buildings at the latter stage such as cafes and florists, a strong location in the planning is proposed. Due to the constraint of the fish refresh region, the planning should involve these three forms of water sources. The river is not linked to the estuary. It should be remembered. You can stop becoming too slim when digging ponds. Types of water supplies necessary:

  • River River (the judgment condition is shaped, not connected to the estuary)
  • Pond Pond (if it is too slender, it will be judged as a river)


ACNH fence construction
Fences are added to your island ranking. A simple way to use fences that look sweet is to put your own villagers in the yard. You should grow trees, shrubs and install furniture parts throughout the yard. Fans had a wonderful time comparing the colors and characteristics of their various villages! Give catgrass to cat villages such as Raymond, blue flowers to blue villagers like Sherb and a villager like Merengue lots of sweets!


ACNH island construction expense
This means that all structures must be moved at 75k ACNH bells and must be doubled. The minimum cost is 160k ACNH bells for a full-bridge ramp. And I've expended 400k ACNH Bells in all. It's time. It's time. It is very tedious to dig trousers and ponds, but the feeling of accomplishment is always really sufficient after building. Broad tasks usually take 15 days and 55 hours to use as a guide. This is a pure difficult moment, refers to the landscape, foliage, not including house furnishings.

  • Relocation of the building: 5k
  • Building of bridge ramp: 98K + (fundraising)
  • Removal of the bridge ramp: 1k
  • The actual number of bridges and ramps is 8 at the same time.

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