How do I report Gmail problems to Google?

Nick Smith

May 12, 2021

Check out the quick procedure to report Gmail problems to Google

Are you one of those users who are repeatedly facing Gmail services issues and are failing to resolve the same? Then, you are in the right as in this article; you will be provided with complete guidance on how one can seek assistance from Google support for Gmail issues.

Besides, for the users looking for the details, can they report Gmail issues to Google? Well, the answer is yes. And those who are not aware of the process can follow the quick instructions mentioned below and manage their Gmail account activities in time. 

Procedure to report Gmail issues to Google

To report Gmail issues to Google customer service, the user is required to follow the quick instructions mentioned below:



  • Begin the process by visiting the Inbox page of the Gmail account. 
  • Then, on the same page, click on the support icon and proceed. 
  • Further, from the drop-down menu, select Send a Feedback to Google option. 
  • When the prompt appears, enter the Feedback in the box and continue. 
  • Also, the user can include the optional screenshot of the issue they are encountering with the Gmail account. 
  • Further, the user can overlay the text on the screenshot and highlight the same. 
  • Once done, the user can click on the Done button and continue.
  • After that, the user can verify the Feedback and screenshot and submit the Feedback.

Thus, this is the detailed process on how one can report Gmail issues to Google. But, for without any reason, if the user fails to submit a feedback form, one can reach out to Google customer service by sending out an official email or opting for the live chat session.


So, all the users who are facing issues with their Gmail account can make use of this info and manage their account activities in time. 


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