Lexan vs. Perspex

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May 12, 2021


Plexiglas and Lexan are two common consumer items for those looking for a more robust alternative to conventional glass. Although these branded items vary in many respects, they serve many of the same functions in the market, such as safety panes, safety Windows, and skylights.


Lexan is a type of plastic.


Lexan is a trademarked name for a polycarbonate plastic board. Lexan plastic sheeting is so solid, heat resistant, and impact resistant that some "bulletproof" glass is made of it. It is available in a number of thicknesses, with the thicker the board, the more durable (and expensive) the Lexan.




Perspex is also a brand name, but it's not polycarbonate. Perspex is made of acrylic acid. It is scratch-resistant, anti-static (e.g. Anti Static Acrylic, Anti Static Plastic Sheet) rather than impact resistant, but it is very durable and has a variety of shades and tones. Perplexiglass is also available in a variety of thicknesses and can be easily formed to meet the buyer's needs.


Ultraviolet radiation


Ultraviolet light has the ability to degrade items that have been exposed to it for an extended period of time. Perspex (typically acrylic) is more UV-resistant than plastic. While Lexan and other polycarbonate sheets can be treated and coated with chemicals to help protect them from UV rays, this raises the price of acrylic.




Lexan has excellent heat and fire resistance in addition to being highly impact resistant, making it useful in areas where high temperatures can be a concern. Perspex and other acrylic resins are less resistant to impact and can crack more easily than polycarbonate.


However, the scratch resistance and UV linearity of acrylic resins make them suitable for applications such as windows or skylights, which are not prone to the violent hazards from which Lexan is typically used to defend.


Color and clarity


Acrylic sheets, on average, have more color and tone than polycarbonate sheets. Furthermore, plexiglass panels have greater transparency and transparency than Lexan panels, while plexiglass can be ordered with lower visibility and even be opaque if the buyer so desires.


Lexan has similar visibility, but it will never be mistaken for glass resin. Lexan was used for safety once more, while Plexiglas was used more for aesthetics.


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