Why do amateur athletes need steroids?


Dec 20, 2021

Why do amateur athletes need steroids?

What drives amateur athletes to take anabolic-androgenic steroids? Most often, the reasons are quite traditional. The first one is a desire to get as big and strong as possible, and here, as they say, there are no comments. And the second, the most common reason given by athletes, is stagnation in the growth of muscle mass and strength. Steroids can certainly help with both problems. But anyone who starts taking these drugs should be absolutely clear about the main rule of steroid therapy: all those gains in muscle mass and strength that have been gained with the help of pharmacology will be completely lost in at most six months, at most one year, after complete withdrawal from steroids.

There are absolutely no physiological prerequisites for maintaining the achieved level of muscle development after steroid withdrawal. Muscle mass built up on a hormonal background that is tens and hundreds of times higher than the natural one cannot be maintained after withdrawing external injections and returning to a normal, genetically programmed level of androgenic hormones, whose synthesis, in addition, remains suppressed during 2 to 3 months after withdrawal of drugs. By the way, the terms of rehabilitation of normal hormonal background, contrary to popular belief, do not depend practically on the duration of use and the doses of anabolic steroids used. If the gains in muscle mass and strength achieved with steroid use were maintained after steroid withdrawal, we would have Yates and Coleman among us in droves, and world record levels in most sports would be much higher. If after using low doses you managed to maintain the gained muscle mass and strength, then there is every reason to argue that you wasted your money on drugs, and these muscles could have been built up without steroids, it means that you are within your genetic potential.

 With a questionable amount of common sense, taking anabolic-androgenic steroids is justified for those ambitious athletes who want to push themselves beyond their genetic potential. Although the not unknown, the now deceased Mike Mentzer wrote in all his writings that the genetic potential to grow muscle mass and strength is enormous, and he hasn't met any people who have fully realized their genetics, I beg to differ with this point of view. There is no doubt that the athletes standing on the podium of Russian bodybuilding championships, let alone professional bodybuilders, are people who have gone far beyond their genetic potential, that is the level of muscle development, which, even theoretically, can be achieved without artificially increasing the level of androgens in the body. However, if we look deeper, there is another genetic potential. This is the limit of muscle development that can be achieved by applying the most effective pharmacological and nutritional support programs with the most advanced training techniques. And if we talk about achieving this frontier, we have to agree with Mentzer. Anabolic-androgenic steroids turned out to be so effective that they created a monstrous laziness of mind, and bodybuilders, powerlifters and weightlifters still use techniques from 50 years ago, only slightly modified for use in modern conditions. In terms of methodology, strength sports are still the most conservative and backward. There are not even generally accepted definitions of key terms such as intensity and objective ways of controlling them. Physiology, biochemistry and adaptation to strength exercises are so poorly studied that even reputable sports physiologists say in plain language that there is no way to give clear scientific recommendations on the volume, intensity, frequency and structure of strength training sessions.

And finally, the third and most ridiculous reason, devoid of common sense, is the herd instinct, supported by absolute ignorance and lack of knowledge in this area. What has now become traditional is a completely ridiculous algorithm of action. Having decided to take up bodybuilding, the young man fully arms himself with the most powerful preparations, gets the "course" written on a notebook page from the seller, and only then goes to the gym. No matter how weird it sounds, but a huge number of weight training beginners are absolutely convinced that without steroids it is impossible to do bodybuilding at all, and at least two thirds of steroid users don't know how to train at all. These people have absolutely no idea about the intensity of training, methods of athletic training, tactics and strategy of planning the training load, adaptation and recovery capabilities and the needs of the body, and their entire training consists of achieving the maximum pumping (pamping) of the developed muscle groups.

Such an inherently perverted approach discredits in the eyes of people bodybuilding and other strength sports, athletes, and even the steroids themselves, the use of which, although it is the personal decision of each, but, nevertheless, must be somehow justified and weighed. In no way bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness should be equated with drugs, as it has been happening lately thanks to some "gore-jocks". At the very least, this is unfair and demeaning to millions of athletes, devoted fans of iron sports, who have never used steroids in their lives and, to their credit, have achieved impressive muscular development. In addition, such an illiterate approach undeservedly diminishes the enormous potential of weight training by making them ostensibly dependent on drugs. This is completely untrue. Virtually anyone without the use of steroids can achieve impressive muscle development with weight training.

And, certainly, the most monstrous misconception, which, unfortunately, is very widespread, is the groundless belief that as soon as you start taking anabolic steroids, you immediately, as if by magic, turn into Hercules, covered with muscles like a Christmas tree with toys. This is believed most of all by weak-willed wimps, who have been lifting weights at the gym for over a week, who are potentially incapable of years of hard training accompanied by strict self-discipline and a huge number of self-limitations that have to be made in order to achieve outstanding muscle development and maximum realization of their genetic potential. On seeing a 100-110 kilos athlete with an astounding muscular physique in the gym, such people say: "That's not real, that's steroid-inflated muscles. If I took steroids, I'd be like that myself, but I don't need it." They deliberately ignore the fact that with his "inflated" muscles this athlete bench presses 200 kilograms, squats at a quarter of a ton, and works the biceps with more weight than these critics can lift off the floor. They deliberately ignore the fact that under the shoulders of such an athlete 8-10, and even more, years of the hardest training, competent diet and such a rigid regime, which most of us can not sustain even a couple of weeks. But the most insulting thing is when athletes with a long track record of steroid use talk in this way about their colleagues, but who have not achieved (due to insufficient methodological literacy, inadequate diet, material or genetic reasons) outstanding stature. And such losers usually shout about steroids most of all, hiding the fact that sometimes they themselves have been sitting on steroid courses for several years in a row, plying themselves with insulin and growth hormone to the utmost. And such people are believed most of all, because their muscle development does not make an impression of unreality and seems to the average person attractive and quite achievable.

No, my friends, steroids alone will not make you a super-athlete, and the training process when using steroids is much more complicated and needs more fine-tuning of all its components, of course, if it is to achieve an outstanding physique with good health. Most steroid users cannot do this. And that is why, among the huge number of people who regularly use androgenic-anabolic steroids, there are quite few individuals whose physical development really makes a serious impression. I have seen a huge number of long-term users of steroids and other anabolic drugs in dosages shocking even to competitive athletes in heavyweight categories who did not even approximate the appearance of serious bodybuilders, but were covered in pus-filled boils from head to toe. If steroids grew muscle on their own, our gyms would be packed with muscular 100-pound giants, but nothing like that is happening.

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