Dyson V11 In-depth Review


May 10, 2021

Listed in the top 10 vacuum cleaners 5 years in a row, Dyson V11 has charmed a lot of buyers. It is worth considering if you have a large home with expansive floor surfaces to clean. However, with a $700 price tag, let’s take a closer look before bringing it home.


  • Design


The Dyson V11 is a high-end-looking vacuum, with a nice color combination of the accessories and main body. It is equipped with an LCD screen that is clear and easy to read. Moreover, the Dyson V11 is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users thanks to its symmetrical design. It just shows how thoughtful the manufacturer is toward its customers. There’s also a handy wand storage clip, which is convenient if you like to carry a couple of extra tools around with you while cleaning. Dyson V11 has an extra-wide cleaning head and extra-large dust bin. This means you will spend less time covering more floors with fewer passes. Not to forget you also have to empty the dustbin less often.



  • Technologies


There are three settings: Eco, Auto/Medium, and Boost for you to choose. In Eco mode, it can get up to an hour of run time; in Boost, on the other hand, a full battery normally gives you 10 to 12 minutes of run time. Obviously, the standard mode running time falls between these time ranges, around 30-40 minutes. That’s the manual settings. The exciting part lies in V11’s cleaner head - a dynamic load sensor (DLS). The DLS checks resistance to the brush head 360 times every second. This information is transferred to both the motor and the battery’s microprocessors to automatically adjust the suction power and estimate battery life.

It’s incredibly sensitive and effective. It also makes the battery much more efficient. The V11 will also alert you if the filter needs to be washed or cleaned by sending you an alert on the screen thanks to a pressure sensor inside the vacuum.


  • Performance


The Dyson V11 weighs only 3.3 kg including the wand and soft roller cleaner. It is heavier than previous models but the extra weight is unnoticeable thanks to the position of the battery. It is also the reason why it moves around easily on both carpets and hard floors, regardless of the cleaning head you are using.


The V11 also makes cleaning stairs a lot easier by adding the mini motorized tool clean right into the corners.

The Dyson V11 runs at a mind-blowing 125,000 rpm, but Dyson’s engineers introduced a triple diffuser and made the rotating blades longer, thinner, and with a unique S-shape. These changes help to improve airflow efficiency, increase suction, and reduce noise. Dyson claims they give it 20 percent more suction power than the previous model. This feature only can be the definition of The Best Vacuum Cleaner.


Bin emptying is a trouble-free task as well. You simply open the bin and dump it in the trash can. All the dirt and debris come out without getting your hands dirty.



  • Is it worth the hype?


With modern design, advanced technologies, and high performance? Yes, it is worth every penny. It might be one of the priciest cordless stick vacuums on the market, but with all the functionalities provided, it’s a mart purchase. Dyson is also known as one of the Best vacuum cleaner brands when it comes to warranty, maintenance, and customer services. You will save a lot when the vacuum needs repairs.