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May 10, 2021


The Major airline of Mexico operating over 80 worldwide destinations, Aeromexico is favored by many passengers. Making Aeromexico Reservations for your ideal holidays is something worth experiencing. The passengers who fly with them get to enjoy top-notch flight amenities. For a comfortable and leisure journey Aeromexico makes sure that passengers are never left out on facilities. Aeromexico is the best airline to explore the world. As it is based in one of the most beautiful destinations itself, Aeromexico serves its passengers a chance to fly to their holiday hotspot in and out of Mexico. Here’s a list of beautiful destinations for you to discover by flying Aeromexico Airlines.


Austin, USA

The capital city of Texas state, Austin is a city full of beauty and love. One can experience various amazing cultural and artistic gems in Austin. The music fests and celebrations are also frequently held in Austin. There are  vibrant entertainment options, mouth-watering cuisines and awe-inspiring outdoor fun. Aeromexico lets you visit this Global capital of Live Music with their regular flights. You can relax on the flight to Austin and have fun on your vacation.
Barcelona, Spain



Barcelona is one of the hot tourist destinations of Spain. The city has something for everyone. That’s why it succeeds in pleasing a high quantity of visitors. For its history dating back to some of the oldest European cities, Barcelona has a number of artistic gems and the Romanian Churches by some big artists with great fame in the modern day. Aeromexico provides its services to Barcelona helping them have a perfect Spanish Holiday.
Puerto Vallarta



Puerto Vallarta is a Beach destination having a slight taste of Mexican culture. Defined by its beaches and their natural captivity, this beautiful place is embraced by the essence of its culture, Traditions, gastronomy and hospitality. This magical destination has a mexican side and spirit which makes it more approachable by tourists. You can experience a wonderful journey by taking flights here with Aeromexico and enjoy your time.


Vancouver, Canada

Be a part in the story of Vancouver and learn why this is not just a destination but a brand. You can make this city special by visiting that’s what vancouver tourism motto says. Now you can guess how beautiful this place and its energy should have been. If you plan to visit here dial Aeromexico Telefono

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