What are the Reasons to Use Java for Selenium?


May 10, 2021








selenium is an influential tool In the automation testing field, At the same time, Java is the most common and highly used programming language in the IT industry. Both java and selenium combine together to make an excellent tool for automation Testing.


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What are the reasons to use Java for Selenium?

In most companies, Java is a commonly used programming language for Selenium.

The following are the reasons why Java using for Selenium:

  • Java is a broadly accepted Coding language in the field of information technology(IT), Along with a massive repository of references, a large Developer community supporting java.
  • Java is used by nearly 65 percent of Selenium testers, making information sharing simple and convenient.
  • Java is withstanding in the It industry for more than a decade because of plenty number of available plugins, frameworks, libraries, and APIs. these are all made java to perform in test automation.
  • JVM makes java is an independent language. To put it another way, you can use java in any operating system that where JVM is installed.
  • As Java is statically typed, the Java IDEs afford a set of instructions on errors that you might meet while creating a coding.

I hope this gives you sufficient reasons to know the reason behind the use of Java for Selenium.


Career option in Selenium with Java

Approximately seventy percent of the companies are following Selenium with java for automation testing. So, it Indicates existing businesses already they are having their framework and they want enlargement both in the existing projects or new projects. The possibility of opportunities with Java with Selenium is High. 


 Learn Selenium with Java is a good option to start a career in the automation testing Field. Most of the companies in the Job market are expecting Selenium with a Java skill set. Hence Selenium with Java Training is highly recommended.













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