Best Ways To Clean Outdoor Wall Tiles

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May 10, 2021

If only a single decoration is done without proper building care, the building's service life will be shortened, and the decoration effect will be short-lived. The cleaning of the wall tiles, like the cleaning of the exterior wall tiles outside the house, is meant to draw our attention.

External wall tiles must be washed on a regular basis because they are easily dirtied. The exterior wall tile environment differs from the indoor tile environment. Cleaning is different in terms of its complexity and process. So, how do you clean the tiles on the outside of your house? When it comes to washing outdoor wall tiles, what should be kept in mind? Learn how to clean outdoor wall tiles the right way by reading this post!


Cleaning Outdoor Wall Tiles - What Is The Best Way To Clean Outdoor Wall Tiles?
Cleaning and maintaining exterior wall tiles is an essential part of maintaining the home's beauty during the late decoration season. Cleaning and maintaining exterior wall tiles can be accomplished in the following ways:


1. It is possible to clean the exterior wall tiles without using damp water on a regular basis.
To clean the fine sand and dust from the tile's surface, we can use a broom or a dust paper mop. We can scrub the dirt off the exterior wall tile surface with a clean cloth or mop it with water, then dry the brick surface.


2. Use various cleaning methods on the exterior wall tiles.
The tiles can leave some fine concave and convex pores after polishing, but if they are stained with color contamination such as tea, coffee, soy sauce, or ink, it will easily penetrate the interior of the tile and must be dealt with right away. There are two different ways to process the data:

If there is a residual protective agent on the surface of the wall tile outside, we can spray the talc powder on the tile surface and clean the dirt away with a dry coarse cotton cloth. After the construction is finished, avoid using a cleaning solvent with a high pH or corrosive cleaning, as the chemical properties can destroy the tile surface's protective layer and minimize the anti-fouling efficiency of the outdoor tile wall.
If there is color pollution on outdoor wall tile, we can add commercially available bleach to the dirt area, cover it with plastic wrap for a few days, then wipe it down with clean water and dry it.


3. A method for removing tough stains from exterior wall tiles
If there are very stubborn stains on the exterior wall, such as black streaks, oil stains, and rust spots caused by iron that are locally stuck to the surface of the outdoor tile and difficult to remove, we may use decontamination powder, stain removal paste, car wax, and other similar products. Then dry with a clean cheesecloth wiped back and forth.

When decorating a home, tiles are used. Almost every family can use them to decorate their houses, but they must also be cleaned on the outside. You should be able to clean external wall tiles now that you've finished reading this post. Please continue to follow Hanse's news page if you still want to learn more about decoration.


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