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May 8, 2021

Although some people spend a lot of time inquiring before buying human hair wigs, there are times when the need to find a suitable one comes up suddenly. Whatever your situation, you may have a thousand doubts about the purchase, but we will try to solve them all in this section. Keep reading!

How is a human hair wig made?
Hair is collected in different ways and in different parts of the world and the process of creating natural wigs is complex. It is essential to comply with various very precise quality standards in each of the stages of production: in obtaining the raw material, in the treatment of the hair and in the preparation of the wig itself.
A good raw material is essential and consists of healthy and strong hair that has never been chemically treated - through dyes, bleaches or perms. This hair should be discolored and thoroughly dyed. After that, the product is processed taking into account the desired cut, hair density and type of hairstyle.

What hair are human hair wigs made of?
As mentioned above, the origin of the hair used in the production of wigs can vary. In the preparation, the different types of hair are often mixed, but the most used are European, Asian, Indian and South American for their characteristics that we analyze below:

  • European hair. They usually come from Eastern Europe. Their quality is considered the best on the market. It is a porous, soft and shiny hair and its dimensions are 0.040 mm, which is ideal for making 613 blonde full lace wigs.
  • Asian hair. Their size is larger than that of European hair. Therefore, they are more resistant and are recommended for long hair wigs. They are cheaper, but also of worse quality than European ones.
  • Indian hair. They are very thick hair, about 0.065 mm. They are normally completely natural, but their quality is still inferior to European hair.
  • South American hair. They come from countries like Brazil, Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia. They have a similar caliber to the European one, of about 0.045 mm. Not very porous, very soft and bright, qualities that make them the most expensive that exist. a wig with this hair can last up to three years if cared for.

Is a human hair wig or a synthetic wig better?
There are several real hair wigs on the market, but there are just as many wigs made of synthetic fiber. The former offer as you can imagine a more natural look. However it is fair to say that synthetic wigs have improved a lot in recent years and today you can find options that could easily be mistaken for real hair.


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