3 Key Styles of Home Builders for Your New Home


May 7, 2021

There are several factors to consider for those considering new home construction, beginning with the type of Home Builders Christchurch you hire to complete the project. There are various types of new home builders who can help you transform your dream home into a reality, whether you’ve carefully detailed your floor plan and design down to the last square inch or are flexible with the finished product as long as it includes those necessities.

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Let’s look at the three key styles of home builders:

Production Home Builders

Stock plans are used by production builders to construct homes on land owned by the company and are often found in master-planned communities. Houses designed by production builders provide various floor plans, styles, exterior elevations, and designs to choose from as part of a package built within a group. Production home builders are the quickest and most cost-effective of all new home construction build choices, as they streamline the process and make decision-making easier while retaining high-end craftsmanship. Although structural improvements are not permitted, and choices are limited in order to keep costs down, buyers who prefer this construction method can still personalise their home by choosing appliances, countertops, flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures.

Custom Home Builders

You have full control over every aspect when you hire a custom home builder to design your new home, and you’ll end up with a finished product that’s completely in line with your vision. Custom home builders build on your property and collaborate with you to create a floor plan and exterior/interior design elements that represent your desires, needs, and requirements. Many customers who choose entire Home Renovations Christchurch work with their own architect and designer, while other custom home builders provide a complete design-build service that includes anything from concept to completion. Your increased participation in the project ensures a one-of-a-kind end product, but bear in mind that custom home builders are substantially more costly than other options and require a much larger upfront deposit, as well as a considerable amount of time and energy to handle.

Semi-Custom Home Builders

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Working with a semi-custom home builder could be the best of both worlds for others. See it this way: you’ll have more customisation options than with a factory-built home, but not the complete control of a full custom project. Choosing a semi-custom builder will provide you with a unique home that reflects your personality—without the hassle, expense, or possible fatigue that comes with overseeing every aspect of the construction. Semi-custom builders, like production builders, offer a variety of floor plans that you can choose from for your lot or expand on theirs.


The difference between these pre-selected plans and your ability to make custom changes to suit your lifestyle and make the finished product uniquely yours while still completing it faster and for less money is that you can make custom changes to meet your lifestyle and make the finished product uniquely yours while still completing it faster and for less money. For many consumers, semi-custom Home Builders Christchurch make a desirable option.

Source: 3 Key Styles of Home Builders for Your New Home



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