Animal Crossing Ugly Animal Lists

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May 7, 2021

Switch game Animal Crossing New Horizons gameplay is an easy game to sell on the shelves. Due to the fact that there are so many cute and adorable animals on New Horizons island.  Youtube has a foreign game player jvgsjeff, who shares the 25 ugly animals in the animal crossing new horizons. In addition to these 25 animal crossings, are there other ugly ACNH animals who are not on the list? Let's see which residents are on the ugly list first. If you want to visit these animals of my island, one ACNH nook mile ticket will work!


ACNH Animal Crossing Ugly Animal List

25 David

24 Linda

23 Aimu

22 Luo Xuaner

21 Ou Shihao

20 dolphin King

19 Bella

18 Qiaoqiao

17 Su Huizhen

16 Qinggua

15 Arthur

14 Alice

13 Piero

12 Prince

11Jan perra

10 Dachang

9 eyelash

8 a pin

7 bear Warrior

6 uncle Xiong

5 Meng Qi


3 leek

2 tiger

1 Jadeite


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