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Apr 18, 2019

Hello, the last D Type Visa you need to know is the D-10 Visa. D-10 Visas are for job seekers, note that your visa status can change once you have found a job.

Below are the full details, and all details are referenced from "Visa Instruction Guide" by the Ministry of Justice, Korea Immigration Service. 

Activities Allowed:


1. Range of Activities Allowed
- (Job Seeking Activities) You are engaged in job seeking activities or on-the-job paid training (including short-term paid internship) at a Korean company or group
- (Technology /Business Startup Activities) You participate in the OASIS programs, preparing for intellectual property right application and business establishment (job seeking activities)

2. Eligible Applicants
You want to engage in researching and job seeking activities in a relevant field of E-1 Professor, E-2 Foreign Language Instructor, E-3 Researcher, E-4 Technological Instructor/Technician, E-5 Professional, E-6 Artist & Athlete, and E-7 Foreign National of Special Ability status.


* However, among E-6 status holders, E-6-2 holders working at an adult entertainment establishment are not included. Only pure artists and athletes will be permitted.

- You are qualified for the item C of D-8 Corporate Investor status, preparing for a business startup.
* You have a bachelor's degree or above, or intellectual property right or equivalent skills. You are also recognized as a founder of a corporation by the Minister of Justice. (Technology and Business Startup Immigration)


Maximum Length of Stay: You are allowed to stay for up to 6 months


Visas Issued at the Discretion of the Head of Diplomatic Mission Abroad


1. All types of employment visas


A single entry visa, which is valid for 6 months, will be issued at the discretion of the head of the diplomatic mission abroad.
- A multiple-entry visa, which is valid for 2 years and which allows you to stay for 6 months, will be issued to a national whose country has signed an agreement on the Multiple Entry Visa Issuance for employment seekers with the Republic of Korea.


Required Documentation:


 Common Application 1. An application for the visa (form no. 17, passport, one standard size
photograph, fee
 Supplementary Documents A previous employee of a listed company on the Fortune's Global 500
2. C.V. (Proof of Employment), Employment
Seeking Outline
A graduate of a university listed on the Times' Higher World
University Rankings

2. Proof of Education*, Employment Activities

* Degree (or a document confirming that you will receive a degree in the future), Certificate of Education, Certificate of your degree (Please choose one)

‌A graduate of a Korean community college or higher ‌2. Proof of education and Transcript, Outline of
seeking employment
* If your identity can be verified via our immigration
information system (study abroad information system), you are exempt from submitting these documents.
‌A person who completed a research program
at a Korean university
‌2. Education Certificate, Completion Certificate*,
Employment Activity Plan
* A certificate indicating research topic, research period, completion results, which is issued by the head of research institution
‌Others who are
admitted by the head of a diplomatic mission abroad
‌2. Documents proving that you are a talent*,
Employment Activity Plan
* Proof of Education, career certificate, recommendation from the respective group or any other proving documents (if you have been awarded or covered by the media for winning a respected international or domestic competition)
‌Those preparing for
Technology and Business Startup

2‌. Education Certificate, Technology/Business Startup Plan

3. Application Certificate such as a Letter of Patent․Utility Model Registration Card, Design Registration Card, Copy or Intellectual Property Right Permission (for respective candidate only)


4. OASIS program completion certificate or participation confirmation letter (for a respective candidate only)


※ The head of diplomatic mission may request/omit additional documents if it is deemed necessary to examine the purpose of the entry, genuineness of the invitation and the qualifications of the inviter and the invitee

Eligibility for the Visa Issuance Confirmation:

You are not eligible to apply for the visa issuance confirmation



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