Finding a serious relationship

Lifestyle | Kimberly

May 4, 2021

A serious relationship is something that the vast majority of us have subconsciously longed for since childhood. When we are five, the girls carry prams with dolls and prepare dinner for their father in a plastic microwave. The boys go hunting for boars so that their mothers have something to cook for them in the children's kitchen. With puberty, it may confuse our notions of a serious relationship. Later, we get married, get married, and divorce, or, based on experience, we prefer to remain free, and the dreams of a serious relationship begin to take hold . Suddenly we are thirty-five, forty-five, fifty-five, and after years we would like to make dinner again and hunt boars. But it is no longer as automatic as before. Where to look for a serious relationship when everyone around is somehow assigned? In bar? In tram? Or in dating agencies which grew up here like mushrooms after the rain? Or in Coincidence?



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This is Kimberly Jose A social economics teacher from high school in India and is obsessed with Digital marketing and social activist working with a leading matchmaking website