Wacky and delightful facts about Bali


May 3, 2021

Are you planning a trip to Bali with Delta Airlines? If so, then rest assured that you have made the right choice. Confirm your Delta Airlines Booking as soon as possible and fly off to Bali amidst sheer luxury and comfort. The airline is the perfect bet for a pleasant travel experience. Before flying to Bali, there are some interesting facts that you must be aware of about the island. 


Bali is a spectacular tourist destination and is very popular for its scenic beauty. Your trip to Indonesia can’t be completed if you are missing out on Bali. with plenty of attractions to discover, you can’t fall short of choices on this gorgeous island. The sacred temples, popular dive sites, and famous surf spots are no secret. Let’s know about the intriguing facts about Bali. 


  • Bali is situated in the Coral Triangle.

Positioned in the “Amazon of the Seas,” Coral Triangle is the place where Bali is located. It is formed by the waters of Mauritius, Malaysia, Indonesia, and island nations, along with Timor and Papua New Guinea. The location of this stunning island is what gives the marine diversity to Bali. 


  • Bali actually comprises three islands.

Though Bali is the name of the island, it is a blend of a handful of ambler islands. These small islands come together to make the main island’s southeast coast. The names of these islands are Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Penida. These are a cluster of smaller islands, which are well worth the trip. You can explore and surf on quiet roads for a peaceful time. Purchase Delta Airlines Tickets for flying to Bali conveniently. 


  • The Four Guardian Angels - common belief in Balinese.

There is a common belief among Balinese that when a child is born, he brings four angels with him. These angels protect the child against any evil spirit until he is four years old. Moreover, until three months, children are supposed to be kept on the ground. Till 12 weeks old, you have to carry them everywhere. 


  • Bali is the land of two seasons.

Bali doesn’t see the most vivid variations of seasons around the world. Being a tropical place, the weather remains moderate throughout the year. There are two seasons only - Wet season and Dry season. The dry season remains from April to October, and the wet season remains from October to April. 


  • Bali follows the “Open Door Policy.”

Bali strictly follows the no-door policy, and it has the “welcome to all'' policy. Nobody will stop you there from entering a Balinese household if you are going with a docile nature. Locals of Bali are friendly and warm. They will help you with paths or anything with a big smile on their faces. 

After knowing all these points, go to Bali with all the knowledge. Book tickets on Delta Airlines Flights and have a pleasant journey.

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Wacky and delightful facts about Bali


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