Different ways to resolve the Computer Not Booting Issue


Apr 30, 2021

Searching for the simple solutions to fix the computer booting issue? If so, then your search ends here as you will get all the important details on the same. Many times, the user faces issues in the computer due to the faulty power, device battery issue and many others. No need to panic as we have explained the solutions below to fix the computer booting issue.


If you want to fix the computer issue, you are supposed to go through the below mentioned ways in a systematic manner.

·       Restart your computer: Before jumping to the complex solutions, you can try restarting your computer as it is the most basic solution to fix any problem.

·       Try running the window in safe mode: Sometimes, by restarting the computer in the safe mode can troubleshoot the booting issue. See whether your issue gets resolved or not.

·       Device battery should be proper: There can be fault in your battery that can result in booting issues in your computer. In order to check the battery is working properly or not, you need to plug the other charger. And you can also remove the system's battery and plug the device into a power supply.

·       Detach all the USB devices: The boot problem can be due to the problem in the USB device. You can fix the issue by withdrawing all the USB devices from the computer and then you are required to restart the computer. After doing this, you must check if the issue gets fixed or not.

·       Perform the malware scan: Malware is vulnerable to the computer and it can be the main cause of the booting issue. You must perform malware scanning of the computer as there are numerous anti malware programs that can be used to boot the computer from USB or DVD drive.


By following the above given methods, one can easily resolve the computer not booting issue in a very simple and effective manner. If you require help, you can contact the computer technical support for assured and swift assistance.

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