Fruits You Should Have In Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Apr 30, 2021

Although most of us will go about our everyday lives with ACNH and go on with our island as normal, we will sometimes want to change our appearance and start over. Changing the fruit is one way to do so.

Fruit does the same thing - creates new ways to market them or use them to make furniture - but some look better than others. It's a simple reality. Others might be able to provide you with better furniture or products in general. As a result, they must be graded.

These come with cute outfits that you can wear, but only a couple of them are perfect for your house.

And, as a disclaimer, I didn't include coconuts in this countdown because they're not fruits you can start with on your island; you'll have to look for them once you've started traveling in-game.


A villagers gathers fruits from pear trees that are rocking.
Pears have never been a favorite of mine. Several of my friends started their islands with pears, but I didn't think they were the best fruit for a few reasons:

- Since the trees they grow on are all young, it will eventually start to look old. Pear beds, wardrobes, walls, and rugs are among the collectibles provided by the pears. While these are popular household items, they don't add much to the appeal of your island.


A villagers stands next to an orange tree.
I love oranges in real life, but I don't think they're exactly what this island needs. There are also a number of other options:
- Oranges tend to be a last-minute addition to make the game developers appear more tropical, despite the fact that two different choices on this list will look considerably better.
- An orange clock, an end table, and a blanket are included with the oranges, for a total of five things that aren't particularly noteworthy - but the end table is!


Apples - The contrast of red and green is always enticing, and nothing beats frolicking in a cute apple tree field as the leaves turn orange in the fall. The apple pieces include an apple chair, an apple wall, an apple rug, and an apple TV, all of which are much more exciting than the game's dull regular TVs. It stands out from the other pieces of furniture.

Cherry trees can be found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
These fruits have always appeared to me to be the superior red island fruit to apples because they seem to be more tropical. Cherries seem to be an excellent fit for the setting and theme. Plus, it's the same classic red and green color scheme as before, which is always a hit. The finishing touches include a cherry wall, a rug, speakers, and a lamp. I've always chosen cherry varieties over all others because they're so special.

Peaches are a delicious fruit.

A villager stands in front of a peach tree.
They're the ideal tropical fruit for your trees, and they're so tropical in general that they'd be at home on an island. The contrast of their pink against the green is a welcome shift from the island's normal palette. - Peach pieces include a peach chair, a peach wall, a peach rug, and a peach surprise box. What surprises await you in the surprise box? To find out, you'll have to go out and buy peaches - it's a fun little chance to choose the best fruit!


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