Types of Headstock Failures

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Apr 30, 2021

What problems will occur when running the CNC machine headstock?


Failure of spindle brake mechanism of headstock
1) The brake solenoid valve is faulty.
Measures to be taken: check whether electromagnet yt6 is powered on, if not, check the electrical circuit; If the solenoid valve core is stuck, remove and clean the solenoid valve, check whether the valve core is roughened or the valve hole has burr. If it is necessary to polish the outer circle of the valve core and the valve hole, the valve core must slide flexibly in the valve hole without blocking; The main shaft braking time is about 3S
2) The brake friction plate is worn, the surface is too smooth, too thin or has broken.
Measures to be taken: replace the friction plate with a new one, and adjust it to leave proper clearance between the friction plates.
3) The brake pressure is too low and the friction between the friction plates is too small.
Measures to be taken: check the working pressure of pressure valve y-10b and adjust it to 0.6MPa as required.
4) Too much lubricating oil in the spindle box affects the braking friction between the friction plates.
Measures to be taken: adjust the lubricating oil throttle valve of the spindle box, observe that only a small amount of lubricating oil drops from the oil level of the spindle box, if too much lubricating oil can't return, there will be lubricating oil between the friction plates, which will affect the braking friction.

The main shaft of the headstock has an impact due to the unsteadiness of the automatic transmission
1) The time relay that controls the power off and power on of the spindle automatic speed change electromagnet of the headstock is out of order.
Measures to be taken: check whether the adjustment of time relay for control electromagnets yt6, yr, yt9, yt10 and yt11 is correct. The electromagnet to be powered off shall be powered off first, and then the electromagnet to be powered on shall be powered on a little later to make the friction plate separate and connect smoothly.
2) The throttle valve in the oil inlet circuit of the spindle box is not adjusted properly.
Measures to be taken: adjust the needle speed control valve properly to realize the transition time of clutch opening and closing, so as to eliminate the inertia impact energy when the spindle changes speed and brake, so as to achieve the smooth and no impact when the spindle changes speed.

Failure of headstock not moving
1) If the coupling on the coordinate axis of the machine tool is loose, the fastening screw should be tightened.
2) Remove the pressing plate, observe whether it is abraded, and adjust the clearance between the pressing plate and the guide rail to ensure that the clearance is 0.02-0.03mm.
3) Check the spindle box insert, loosen the stop screw on the insert, turn the insert bolt clockwise, and lock the stop screw after the coordinate axis can move flexibly and the feeler gauge cannot enter.


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