They have also been taking advantage of Runescape players to fund a series of failures


Oct 28, 2021

Quests provided an incentive to continue following the complete Runescape story. There were approximately 12 players in Free to Play and about 300 members. There was a manual available online, like Sal's Realm's website or YouTube. If you're struggling, you could request help from a fellow player assistance. Runescape's community was vibrant and everyone was eager to assist.

You were captivated by the characters and interesting places you met during your quests, and you gravitated towards the fantasy aspect of Runescape. Knights and magic were amazing to discuss with your friends. Now all you talked about was Runescape. It took months to complete some quests, but they still opened up new possibilities and opportunities that enhanced your gaming experience.

There are so many incredible and memorable things happened in Runescape that I can't write about the entire experience here. Runescape 3 was released and you probably disassociated yourself from the game. It was easy to get distracted by a game you've loved for many years. It was a tough time, but it was not the end of the world.

It was as if your child had been left in a house with no one to take care of the child. Your time playing Runescape was over and the same was your child. People who were just 6-8 years old are now 6-8yrs older and more mature than the time they were younger. You may not have realized that, but the years flew.

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