Can you change the passenger on a United flight?


Oct 27, 2021

Can one change the passenger for the United Airlines booking?


Are you one of those travelers who have confirmed their reservations with United Airlines in a jiffy and spelled the name incorrectly? Luckily, you can still manage to modify the name for your booking by using the information shared in this article. 


And for the travelers who are unaware of the procedure on how they can modify the name for their United Airline booking, one can go through the guidelines shared and manage the name on their reservations in time. 


Guidelines to change the name for United Airlines booking


As per guidelines of United Airlines, travelers can modify the name on the booking without any documentation in the following cases:


  • Correction in the first name and last name spelling
  • Name change from or to nickname
  • Adding correct title and prefix of the name
  • Deletion and addition of the initial or middle name
  • Correction of the last name and first names in inverted


However, there are a few name changes that can be made on the submission of the following documents: 


  • Divorce Decree
  • Marriage License
  • Legal name change document
  • Government issue identification card


So, these are the guidelines that one needs to abide by before modifying the passenger's name. Still, if the traveler has queries regarding Can you change the passenger on a United flight? One can reach the airline representative at United Airlines and manage their reservations in time. 


How can one request a name change at United Airlines?


For travelers who are willing to change the name for United Airlines can follow the instructions shared below and modify their booking in time. 


  • For a name change, the traveler needs to access their Mileage account. 
  • And for the significant name change, the traveler can upload the required documents.
  • Once the request is submitted, it will get processed within two weeks. 


However, the travelers who wish to make the immediate changes can reach out to the airline representative and seek assistance to modify the name for the United Airlines booking. 


What is the fee for modifying the name for United Airlines booking?


Lately, many travelers have enquired about the United flight Name change fee. As per the United Airlines guidelines, travelers are not charged any fee. However, to confirm the same, the traveler can reach out to the airline representative or visit the airline website.


Contacting United Airlines for the name change process


For travelers who require assistance regarding the name change procedure can contact the airline representative by dialing United flight phone number and following the instructions shared below:


  • After dialing the customer service number, the traveler can pick an option to contact the representative. 
  • Then, the traveler can provide the reservation details and seek information regarding the name correction.
  • Further, the airline representative will assist the travelers in modifying the passenger's name and other related matters. 


Hopefully, the provided information will help the travelers to change passengers on the United Airlines booking. Still, if the traveler requires more info or assistance, one can reach out to the customer service for help and manage their bookings accordingly. 


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