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Oct 26, 2021

Paypal is considered one of the top-rated online payment gateways used by millions of users across the world. One can send and receive payments from anywhere with the help of a Paypal account in a very secure and faster manner. Well, there are many circumstances when Paypal puts your money on hold for a specific time of 21 days. There could be too many possible reasons behind the issue if your Paypal money is held. Still, many users ask why is Paypal holding my money if I’m not a seller, and look for solutions to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Reasons behind Paypal hold money issue

Your Paypal user account has been inactive and checks the reason behind the inactivation of the account.

To check if there is enough balance in your Paypal account if sometimes required to pay any charges against any service.

To check and make sure that the payment gateway or platform is safe for both sellers and buyers.

To check money belongs to you, and there is no illegal thing behind the transaction.

How to remove money hold on Paypal?

If your money is on hold on Paypal, then you have an option to remove this hold which is possible through the below steps:

First of all, check your linked email address and then review the email sent by Paypal by describing the reason behind this issue.

Provide your payment details and other things for verification purposes.

You should check the recipient's details whether they have a valid Paypal account with the required balance or not.

If you still require any assistance related to the Paypal money hold issue, contact the Paypal customer service team and obtain the required assistance on your queries very quickly.





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