How To Factory Reset HP Laptop Without Password


Oct 26, 2021

HP laptops which are running on Windows 8 can be reset through the Windows recovery environment. You can find it in HP Recovery Manager. You must select a specific option from the menu that appears. Once the required options are selected, the system restore process will begin. After this process is complete, your Windows 8 HP laptop will be reset to defaults.

You can learn more about how to do a factory reset HP laptop without password by reading the following steps.

Access the charms bar in Windows 8.
Type in "Search" to find "Recovery".
Click "HP Recovery Manager" in the results.
You will find a menu with three columns. Select "I need help right away".
Click "Windows Recovery Environment".
Provides confirmation for system reboot.
After restarting, the laptop screen will show "Choose Option". You must select the "Troubleshoot" option.
Select "Recovery Manager".
In the new screen of "Recovery Manager", click "I need help right away" under "Microsoft System Restore".
Take a look at the menu options that appear now.
Factory settings are restored on HP notebooks.



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