American Airlines Group Travel Number for instant group Bookings

Jamie Taylor

Apr 29, 2021

Flying somewhere for your business meeting? Want to travel with seven or more people together? Choose to make American Airlines group Travel reservations and enjoy excellent flight services and benefits. American Airlines provides a variety of services for the passenger’s convenience. One such service is a group travel booking facility, where you can book tickets for ten or more people together in an itinerary. 

Group travel can also be made for conferences or family vacations. If you wish to make an American Airlines Group travel booking, you should know everything about the airline’s group travel rules and policy.

Types of group Travel booking


American Airlines reservations allow three different ways of group travel booking in which passengers can take advantage of this wonderful service. All of them are explained below:
Group Block Fare Booking for passengers departing together
If more than ten passengers are departing together from the same place to the same destination, they are eligible for booking the Group Block fares.
A group fare Block can be reserved atleast 11 months in advance for American Airlines OneWorld alliance passengers.
Only one Name of the passengers can be changed per ticket without any cost till 48 hours prior to the departure.
No minimum stay is necessary for group bookings. 


Zone fare Bookings for Passengers departing different places.


When ten or more travelers are going to the same destination from distinct locations, they are allowed to book Zone fare tickets.
They must be departing from locations in the US and Canada to North America, Europe, the Pacific, the Caribbean, or Latin America.
Visit the American Airlines official website and request to know the group rates and you will get fare price.,
Group Travel Booking for Meetings or Conferences
If passengers are making American Airlines group travel booking for meetings, trade shows, or any conference related to business, they can obtain discounts.
There ay atleast be 40 attendees traveling together to avail of meeting discounts.
They can use the discount codes only for the fares shown on the website.
Note that non-discountable fares and basic economy bookings are not applicable for discounts.

If you wish to book a group trip, dial the American Airlines Group Travel number and connect with the airline representatives dedicated to group bookings and confirmations. You need to provide them the exact travel details with your personal information and confirm the group bookings over the phone. The airline agent will be available round the clock at your service and help you out without any second thought.

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