Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide - Tips You Should Know To Become A Pro

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Apr 29, 2021

In this article, we'll go over 8 ACNH tips that you should be aware of. From getting the new ladder to catching fish to removing buildings and adding best friends, there's a lot to learn in this game.


If you've been playing Animal Crossing for a few days, you're probably wondering how you get up cliffs. To do so, you'll need Tom Nook's collapsible ladder, which he'll send you after you meet a few requirements. You must repay your first loan to Tom Nook and upgrade to a house in order to build Nook's Cranny on the de nooks cranny opens. Tom Nook can grant you access to the ladder, or you may ask a friend to lend you one.


Rocks are the source of energy.
Rocks respawn, so if you don't like where one is, eat some fruit and smash it with your shovel. A new rock will answer the next day somewhere else on your island; just make sure you don't deplete the rock's resources before breaking it.

What are the steps to adding your best friends?
You can add a friend as a best friend when you visit a friend's island or when a friend visits you over the internet. To do so, open your Nook phone and navigate over to the best friends app. From there, you should be able to submit a friend request. The advantages of registering a friend as a best friend include the ability to use all of your resources on their Island, the ability to send gifts and letters, and the ability to send messages to each other using your Nook devices.

A few final thoughts
If you're a perfectionist, the cast master competition, which allows you to catch a hundred fish in a row, may be your top priority. While it may seem difficult, we have an unusual suggestion that may be of assistance. If you're having trouble catching fish, try putting on headphones and catching fish with your ears instead of your eyes. When you throw your line in and a fish nibbles, close your eyes. When the fish bites, you'll hear a plunk and can immediately press A to reel the fish in. This method does not work for everyone, but it has assisted a few of us in completing the task.


What is the best way to drive your home and other structures?
By talking to Tom Nook about infrastructure after you've unlocked the residence services building, you can move your home, your villagers' homes, and other main buildings. Remember that you can only move one building a day, and doing so can be costly.


What is the best way to find the Able Sisters?
Mabel, a hedgehog who sells clothing, is one of the random tourists who can come to your Island. She wants to open a store, but she needs to get some customers first. That's where you come in and buy a lot of her things, and she'll ask to open one up eventually.


Every day, talk with Sable.
You don't need to supply any supplies, unlike nook's cranny; just speak to Sable on a daily basis. Mabel and her sister Sable run the able sisters tailor shop. Sable is the quieter one in the back, and she won't have anything to say to you at first, but if you speak to her every day, she'll open up and even give you presents.


What are the steps to terraforming an island?
You might be wondering how and when you can get the island designer app if you watched the Nintendo Direct. This gives you the ability to terraform and customize your island even further. Basically, you must roll credits, which means you must continue to assist Tom Nook before he realizes his personal goal. After you've done that, he'll come over to your house and give you the island builder software right away. You'll be able to start constructing paths right away, but you'll need to use your ACNH NM at the nook stop machine to unlock permits for both water scaping and cliff building if you want to terraform your island.


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